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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Here's the fusion nuclear powered 'Flying Hotel' designed to carry 5,000 passengers and almost flying permanently

Continue to Dream There is an interesting phenomenon that has bothered us (perhaps you) related to life in today's modern era where we seem to live to always be close to something controversial and invite pros and cons. As recently there was an ambitious flying hotel design named 'Sky Cruise' being designed for the future transportation rides and entertaiment of humans on Earth which had gone viral and reaped many pros and cons opinions.
The 'Sky Cruise' monster aircraft designed by Hashem Alghaili would remain aloft almost permanently. (Picture from: DailyStar)
The mentioned flying hotel that is being designed is a gigantic aeroplane that is claimed to be able to carry 5,000 passengers in unparalleled luxury. Thus, the previous record regarding the world's largest aircraft today held by the Stratolaunch ROC soon be shifted to if it could become into reality.
The 'Sky Cruise' monster aircraft designed to have 20 engines powered by nuclear fusion, and all aircraft maintenance or even repairing processes also designed to be carried out in the sky. (Picture from: Dream.co.id)
Uniquely, the Sky Cruise was designed to fly several years in the sky, and never to land, meanwhile all its guest occupants would be transported by the conventional aircrafts to and from this flying hotel. For that the plane designed to have 20 engines powered by nuclear fusion, and all aircraft maintenance or even repairing processes also designed to be carried out in the sky. More surprisingly, the plane was not piloted by humans, but Artificial Intelligence aka robots.
The 'Sky Cruise' monster aircraft designed by Hashem Alghaili would dwarf any existing plane. (Picture from: DailyStar)
Hashem Alghaili, tthe creator of the highly detailed mockup of those gigantic plane, said that this kind of nuclear-powered aerocruise plane could be the transportation rides of the future. "I believe the plane will be completely autonomous," Alghaili said, as quoted of Dailystar. Although it designed to fly without any human pilot, the Sky Cruise still needs a lot of staffs to serve the guests on board.
The design shows off luxury rooms inside the 'Sky Cruise' monster aircraft, which is described as a perfect wedding venue. (Picture from: DailyStar)
In the promotional video, you can see a variety of promising facilities, ranging of restaurants and giant shopping centers in the sky, to a gym, theater, and even a swimming pool. Furthermore, the giant plane is said to be very suitable as a perfect wedding venue as well. 
The 'Sky Cruise' monster aircraft promises restaurants and a giant shopping mall in the sky, as well as gyms, theatres, and even a swimming pool. (Picture from: DailyStar)
However, not everyone agrees with this ambitious plan. Some commentators are described that the Sky Cruise concept as the 'new Titanic,' and gave some criticism. Such as, it appears in the design that the plane has several elevators outside of the plane, so it is considered not very aerodynamic. In addition, there are concerns that if a nuclear reactor-powered plane crashes which could be potentialy destroyed a city.
Although many have been wowed by the 'Sky Cruise' monster aircraft, the design has been questioned by some. (Picture from: DailyStar)
In various discussions under the promotional video upload, netizens suspect that if this project is really realized, it will require very large funds. Even a financially-savvy YouTube commenter chipped in; "While this is interesting concept and its is capable to built it with current technology, this thing would be super expensive and no doubt only rich would be able to book this hotel." Let's take a look its video below;
And in our opinion, this flying hotel idea of Hashem Alghaili is very difficult to realize in the near future due to design and finance matters, so that more in-depth feasibility study is needed. There's still a long way to go. Nevertheless, keep on dreaming, but most important thing is not to forget give also some hopes to other had to see the dream comes true.👍 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DAILYSTAR ]
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