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Friday, January 7, 2022

A special futuristic appearance of K-Speed Honda Bros 400 custom motorbike

Storm's Means Have you ever heard and know about K-Speed? This is a Bangkok-based modifier or builder is indeed a hobby of making motorcycles that have a futuristic and anti-mainstream look. For some people, the custom motorcycle may look sloppy and eccentric, but as usual the K-Speed ​​custom motorcycle always has a strong character.
This Honda BROS 400 Custom Motorcycle built by K-Speed is a futuristic-looking café racer with the appropriate name ‘Future Storm’. (Picture from: OldNewsClub)
Like the figure of this neo cafe racer-style custom motorcycle, plus the base alone might sound very strange to us, namely the Honda Bros 400 aka Honda NT400. This was a low-end motorcycle used to be less interested in the market because of its underpowered performance. 
Honda Bros 400 in Stock Condition. (Picture from: OldNewsClub)
But who doesn't want it if after experieced one makeover prosceses, the Honda Bros looks like this and called the Honda Bros 400 'Future Storm'. As we can see, the most modifications occurs in the body sector and the rear frame.
A Bangkok-based workshop called K-Speed have turned an outdated Honda BROS 400 into an evil-looking and futuristic custom café racer. (Picture from: OldNewsClub)
K-Speed ​​uses aluminum plates to make a new fork guard up to the stern. Everything is made into one piece, like a tank connecting to the stern which looks like a street fighter motorcycle. Likewise for the fork guard, making our memories lead to the futuristic Japanese Gundam anime cartoons or the Star Wars' Stormtrooper.
The fuel tank is slightly smaller than the original and flows perfectly to the new single leather-wrapped seat. (Picture from: OldNewsClub)
And of course this one body component that makes it able to steal of attention while on the streets. Not to forget the belly pan fairing is also quite large under the engine which makes it look more muscular. In order to keep it looking solid but concise, K-Speed ​​deliberately makes some components seem hidden.
This Honda BROS 400 Custom Motorcycle built by K-Speed have custom-built body panels that are kept is a silver finish as a contrast to the all-black bike. (Picture from: OldNewsClub)
If we look at the front at a glance we will not see where the main lights are until we look at the top of the tires. In addition there are also the Motogadget's M-Blaze turn signal mounted under the handlebars and the back of the belly pan fairing.
From the rear, the design looks almost empty with just the wide wheel, black finished chain parts and the small custom tail lights. (Picture from: OldNewsClub)
Then for the finishing, gray and black were chosen which were given clear doff. This color choice seems to strengthen the theme as well as firm curves on the whole body similar to the Gundam.
Kept spur your adrenaline on the power of the two-wheeled monster and stay alive with true safety riding. May God will forgive Your sins and so does the cops...... *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | K-SPEED | OLDNEWSCLUB ]
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