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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Zongshen's Cyclone RA9 1000 concept revealed

Special Engine In a social media posting, there's a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer showcased their upcoming model at the 19th China International Motorcycle Exhibition (CIMA 2021) held in Chongqing from September 17 to 20, 2021.
Zongshen’s Cyclone RA9 concept was presented as a concept but the V-twin might be closer to production than we think. (Picture from: Cycleworld)
It's the Zongshen's newest motorcycle concept under its Cyclone premium brand is presented along with a very interesting range of models and sooner or later we will see in Europe. One of the most notable is the Cyclone RX6 crossover with a 650 cc in-line twin-cylinder Norton's engine is launched in the CIMA 2020.

In a related post made by those Chinese company on social media back in Tuesday September 14, 2021, It said about seven new models with the first and best sports cruiser motorbike with a 1,000 cc engine named the Cyclone RA9 Concept.
Underneath the radical bodywork you’ll find a lot of production components sourced from Aprilia, including the frame and engine. (Picture from: Cycleworld)
Among the horde of small-capacity engines unveiled the CIMA motor expo in this year's, the Cyclone RA9 stands out as a motorcycle might be closer to production than we think. As we mentioned above, the Cyclone is a premium brand of the Chinese motorcycle giant Zongshen, which also known as the partner of the Piaggio Group in China, and has signed business agreement for producing a variety motorcycle engines of the Aprilia-branded.

As you can conclude here, by those European connections could be a kind of hint about the origins technology of the new RA9 which becoming the core of the company's exhibition booth. Although it looks like a pure concept bike, the RA9 actually incorporates many production components, including the engine and frame which are developments from the components used in the Aprilia Shiver and Dorsoduro.
Zongshen also displayed an RX850 adventure bike, which is a spinoff of the RX6 parallel twin launched earlier this year.. (Picture from: Cycleworld)
As for the chassis, with a tubular steel front and a cast alloy rear, it's straight from the Shiver and Dorsoduro, although it features a new single-sided swingarm and much more radical bodywork including a large single exhaust that effectively doubles as part of the rear bodywork.
This is clearly a single seat design with no clue for the luggage or passenger seat. There are currently no further details regarding the new models that the Cyclone will present. The only thing that is certain is that we are waiting for them with great interest, when it would be its production version launched?

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