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Monday, August 9, 2021

Yamaha is revealed its future motorcycle concepts

Futuristic ONES One of the Japanese automotive giant Yamaha Motor Company outlines their big plans for the future recently. The Iwata-based company says 90 percent of the models that Yamaha will sell in 2050 will be powered by electricity, even there're the synthetic fuel and Carbon Neutral (CN) as the option.
Yamaha MW-Vision is concept model that proposes mobility that closely matches human sensibility, such as “interactive communication between people and mobility using sound and light. (Picture from: Yamaha)
As quoted of Motorcyclenews, Yamaha has started to introduce the latest environmentally friendly vehicles, using liquid fuel and carbon neutral (CN). It is said the eco-friendly motorcycle will have a higher compression ratio and have a variable valve to increase efficiency.

"We have a goal to be able to give birth to new mobility that has never been seen before, by combining the best technology that has become Yamaha's strength, as well as integrating our own robotic production technology," said Yamaha Motors President, Yoshihiro Hidaka.
Yamaha Tritown is already manufactured in small numbers, Yamaha see this as a steppingstone between power-assisted bicycles and motorcycles. (Picture from: DetikOto)
To prove the Yamaha's seriousness in being able to produce environmentally friendly vehicles, it is rumored that Yamaha is ready to introduce the Yamaha concept motorcycle to be more environmentally friendly. Yamaha said that if the Tokyo Motor Show was held, Yamaha would show again their future motorcycles that were introduced at the same event in 2019, including the MW-Vision, Tritown, E01 and E02 Electric Commuter.

One of them is by introducing a concept motorbike with the latest 3-wheeler option or the Leaning Multi-Wheels (LMW) motorbike concept model called Yamaha Tritown. "One of them is the Tritown electric mobility model, which has three wheels with two wheels in the front position which is trying to be created to have a long distance," Yoshiro Hidaka added.
The battery of the Yamaha E01 Electric Commuter is virtually certain for production with 125cc-equivalent performance, promising a 90% charge in an hour. (Picture from: DetikOto)
He explained further that the introduction of the Tritown was none other than because Yamaha was ready to produce in small quantities, as well as being a stepping stone between bicycles and electric motorcycles.

The second motorcycle concept that will be introduced by Yamaha is called the Yamaha E01 Electric Commuter, an electric motor that has a performance like a scooter with a 125cc engine. The cool thing about this Yamaha electric scooter is that it only takes 1 hour to be able to charge up to 90 percent.
Yamaha E02 Electric Commuter uses an existing scooter’s frame to keep costs down, along with a removable battery in line with the swappable battery recently agreed by major players in the sector. (Picture from: DetikOto)
Meanwhile, the third motorcycle concept that will be exhibited by the double tuning forks logoed company is called the Yamaha E02 Electric Commuter, which is an electric scooter that was introduced in 2019 which has a battery-mountable system that shortens battery charging time.
Then there is another concept that may be displayed by Yamaha at the Tokyo Motor Show automotive event, namely Yamaha MW-Vision. As quoted of the Livingwithgravity, the cocoon bodied three-wheeler is equipped with lean control technology and reverse function. This concept model that proposes mobility that closely matches human sensibility, such as “interactive communication between people and mobility using sound and light.
But unfortunately so far Yamaha is still reluctant to reveal the design of their environmentally friendly motorcycle that will be consumed of synthetic fuel and carbon neutral (CN). If we look at the row of environmentally friendly vehicles that will be presented in the future by the Japanese company, of course, it will make us more confident that our life better and healthier due to they already thought of the preservation of nature and become as the main priority in the making of vehicles. Okay, we'll see soon

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