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Thursday, August 12, 2021

This is one of the candidate for the world's fastest electric motorcycles

The Candidates Tremendous, a motorcycle company named White Motorcycle Concepts (WMC) is known to want to set a new record as the world's fastest electric-powered motorcycle by presenting a motorcycle that has a unique and futuristic design. The company was founded by Robert White, an engineer with 24 years of experience in motorsports and automobiles.
White Motorcycle Concepts’ introduces a new electric racer designed to break the electric motorcycle land speed record called WMC250EV. (Picture from: IndoZone)
The motorcycle, named WMC250EV, is an electric-powered motorcycle with a design that is far from conventional ones. It is said the motorcycle have a high aerodynamic level in which the entire body design of the WMC250EV is made sloping to launch the wind-flow backwards so as to make it go very fast.
The bike’s design is said to reduce drag by 70 percent, as confirmed in wind tunnel testing. (Picture from: IndoZone)
In the photos uploaded by White Motorcycle Concepts, it can be seen that on this motorbike there is a large gaping hole right in the middle of the body looks like an air tunnel and they called V-Air duct. The hole is said to provide air space so that it can penetrate to the back fastly. 
It’s achieved via a central V-Air duct that defines the bike’s structure as well as its overall shape. (Picture from: IndoZone)
According to the maker, the technology is inspired by the world of Formula 1, making it so slippery that it can penetrate the wind at high speeds, in which the air is forced through the center of the motorcycle, instead of surrounding it like the most motorcycles. So it is claimed that the drag resistance can be reduced by up to 70 percent and makes it as the world's most aerodynamically efficient motorcycle.
The duct allows for aerodynamic efficiency by allowing air to move straight through the bike, front to back. (Picture from: IndoZone)
The body structure is made of carbon fiber materials ranging of the bodywork, bars, to the rider's seat. The subframe and lower chassis are made using billet aluminum which doubles as a housing for electronic devices and a lithium-ion battery pack.
The WMC250EV uses two hub-mounted motors to also put drive to the front wheel. (Picture from: Cycleworld)
Its power comes from the unique layout of power supply. The battery is at the bottom for good center of gravity and weight distribution. Each wheel is given a dual electric motors drive called D-Drive features which is installed in front of 20kWh while at rear 30kWh so that in total the motorcycle has a power of about 100kWh or equivalent to 134 hp.
Rear swingarm is machined from aluminum billet and houses an enclosed chain. The front wheel is driven by hub mounted motors, as seen here. (Picture from: Cycleworld)
Meanwhile the regenerative braking system has also been pinned as a standard feature of the motorbike which is intended to save wasted power and use it to recharge the battery.Although later the motorcycle was known to have a weight of around 300 kg which could be considered quite heavy, but because of its aerodynamic design, it is able to make the motorcycle feel light while riden on the road.
Robert White as the man behind the motorbike maker company wants to make this electric motorcycle capable of breaking the current top speed record for an electric motorcycle so he expects the WMC250EV motorcycle to go up to 407 kilometers per hour. For your information, the world record for the fastest electric motorcycle is currently held by the Voxan Wattman with a top speed of 228.006 mph or 366.941 kph. What do you think about this electric motorcycle?

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