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Friday, February 12, 2021

An extreme alteration of the Lambretta LD classic into a new unique modern scooter

Modern CREATIONS The appearance of a classic scooter turned out can be rejuvened into a unique modern looks scooter through skillfull and creative hands. Just look at the following unique Lambretta LD 125 made in 1957 scooter figure below that we found while surfing in cyberspace some time ago. Although we do not get much detailed information about the unique scooter with a neat blend of classic-modern styles. There're only a series of pictures scattered on several sites on the internet.
The Lambretta LD 125 Custom with a neat blend of classic-modern styles built by Adris's Custom, a Landivisiau-based automotive modification workshop. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3aU7MG2)
Now, let's start from who exactly built this unique scooter? He is Adri Faure, an automotive builder from France and also the owner of Adri's Custom, a Landivisiau-based automotive modification workshop. As we mentioned earlier, this modification process takes the basis of a Lambretta LD 125
classic scooter.
The Lambretta LD 125 Custom built based of the the Lambretta LD 125 scooter and used a 172 cc engine taken from Yamaha Majesty. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3aU7MG2)
As quoted of scooter-center.com, the Lambretta LD 125 scooter is one of the rare classic scooters produced by Innocenti between 1951 and 1955. This scooter was first introduced in December 1951 as
125 Model D, which featured a newly designed frame and a greatly improved chassis. Overall, the D was basically an improved model C, also the appearance was very close to that of its predecessor.

As seen of the pictures in Adri's Custom album on the Facebook page, the LD 125 scooter used as the basis for this modification is a scooter wreck in incomplete conditions, it can be seen the seats gone, the headlight broke, and also unknown whether its engine can be started.
The Lambretta LD 125 Custom's rear section looks unique with the rear tire looks like protruding out of its body. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3aU7MG2)
So it is not surprising that the modified scooter is used a 172 cc engine taken from Yamaha Majesty. And for this purpose, the scooter's frame must be adjusted to the new and larger sized engine. Apart from the frame adjustment to accommodate the new engine installation, there's a total change also occurred in the legs both in front and rear sections.
The Yamaha Majesty's 172 cc engine setting on the Lambretta LD 125 bodywork. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3aU7MG2)
Even for the scooter's rear leg, which use a 12-inches size five-spokes rim wrapped in the wide-tread tire and set low, so the body has to be made its tire-tread sized tear, as a result the rear tire looks like protruding out of its body. As for the front, after the old-leg parts of the LD 125 scooter were removed then replaced with a 12-inch sizes closed rim which was also wrapped in a wide-tread tire and combined with a pair of new telescopic suspension (thought the front suspensions were almost rigid).
A final adjustment of the radiator mount and cooling fan on the Lambretta LD 125 Custom's frame. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3aU7MG2)
We believe that the engine swapping has an impact on its performance, and thus the modified scooter braking system should be upgraded by removing all the default braking systems and replaced
by using a more capable disc brake braking system for the front and rear wheels.
The Lambretta LD 125 Custom while on the constructruction setting at the workbench. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3aU7MG2)
As a final touch, this classic and modern mixed-style scooter is given a jet black color which adds a grim impression to the low-pitched scooter. After its construction completed, the modified result scooter was once offered at Leboncoin, a French online trade site and was offered for € 4,000 (approx Rp.64 million) back in 2019. We think that's a fair enough number for such a good scooter work like this, but so far it's not known whether it managed to be sold. So you can see how handsome the scooter is when it poses with Adrien Faure, the maker.
The Lambretta LD 125 Custom poses with Adrien Faure, the maker. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2N9FL5m)
That's it, and if the article above is still considered inadequate or inaccurate, or if you have additional information related to these French-built unique-shaped LD 125 scooters, please don't hesitate to let us know via the comments column below this article.

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