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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Vespa Elettra, an electro design for a classic soul by MA-DE STUDIO

Recently, the trend of electrification in the two-wheeler segment has also begun to develop rapidly, marked by an unprecedented boom in popularity, especially in recent years. Various well-known motorcycle manufacturers have started to introduce and even sell electricity-based products.
Vespa Elettra, elettro design for a classic soul by MA-DE STUDIO. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2ML6WmD)
But the sophistication of an electric motorbike has not been able to shake the tastes of classic motorcycle lovers who remain faithful in choosing conventional classic motorbikes, and this also includes classic Vespa scooter fans who can be said to be one of the largest fan communities in the world.
Vespa Elettra, elettro design for a classic soul by MA-DE STUDIO. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2ML6WmD)
As we all know, Vespa is the most iconic Italian scooter brand in the world. But to be more specific, we are talking about the Piaggio's Vespa model which was patented almost 75 years ago, to be precise April 1946. Until now, Vespa scooters have had a fantastic total sales figure, reaching 18 million units worldwide. So it is not surprising that Vespa has many loyal fans around the world

In the context of the electrification trend of motorized vehicles, it has also begun to touch the scooter sector, particularly Vespa scooters. Piaggio, as the manufacturer that holds the Vespa brand, has also tried to follow this trend. There are several models of electric scooters that this manufacturer has tried, namely the Vespa Elettrica which was introduced to the public for the first time in 2016.
Vespa Elettra, elettro design for a classic soul by MA-DE STUDIO. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2ML6WmD)
However, the foregoing does not reduce the interest of third parties outside the Italian giant scooter maker to try to come up with creative ideas in the form of electric vehicles which are design inspired by the Piaggio's classic scooter.

Here's MA-DE STUDIO is answered the above questions in their latest project. "This project is not an official Vespa assignment, but something we created because of our love for this iconic Italian Vespa brand," said Andrea Della Vecchia, founder of MA-DE Studio Design, as quoted of Autoevolution.

MA-DE Design Studio itself is an international design studio based in Cuomo, Italy, so it makes perfect sense that they involve Vespa models in this serious project. As a form of support for the scooter, the pride of the Italian state.
Vespa Elettra, elettro design for a classic soul by MA-DE STUDIO. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2ML6WmD)
The electric-powered scooter named Vespa Elettra, to be electro design for a classic soul, is designed very attractive and inspired by the classic Vespa scooter, which is also known as the Vespa which is transformed into an electric scooter without losing its classic identities and souls. 

Everything looks harmonious together, starting from the classic handlebar on which there's a sophisticated dashboard and equipped with a touch screen with high technology. Then as the drivetrain, the scooter uses an electric motors that is capable of producing 9.38 horsepower with 240 Nm of torque, so that it can make it go at a maximum speed of up to 95 kph.
It armed with a 5.6 kWh battery, so the electric-powered Vespa Elettra scooter can cover a distance of 150 km for a single battery charge, far above the word that is enough to be used everyday around the city with this eccentric-style scooter.

But what is also no less cool than this 'classic' with the latest technology is the Bluetooth connectivity feature to be paired with a special application, which becomes an authentication key and a virtual dashboard for relevant travel settings and data.

“I really believe in the movement towards electric mobility. It's only a matter of time, not only for cars but also for scooters and other small vehicles as mobility vehicles in urban areas,” concluded Della Vecchia.

In fact, this is not the first time a third party has come up with a creative idea in the form of an electric-powered scooter concept inspired by classic Vespa scooters, such as the Vespampère electric scooter concept by Giulio Iacchetti, the Vespa 98e Concept by Mightyseed Designs, which was present some time ago.

And here's the soundless Piaggio Vespa Elettrica video, while passing through your heart.😀
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