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Monday, January 18, 2021

There's only one Vespa 946 like this

Sempre Una Vespa As we all know that the Vespa 946 is one of the premium Vespa variants produced by the legendary Italian scooter manufacturer. This is an iconic and exclusive scooter because it is always available in limited quantities. For your information, the Vespa 946 which debuted in 2013 was inspired by the Piaggio MP6 which is also known as the first scooter variant made by the Italian scooter manufacturer in 1946.
Vespa 946 Louis Vuitton. (Picture from: Motoplus)
Previously, the Vespa 946 had also been presented in several limited edition variants, including the Vespa 946 Ricordo Italiano, Vespa 946 Bellisima, Vespa 946 Emporio Armani, Vespa 946 RED and the last Vespa 946 Christian Dior. And recently, the automotive world was shocked by the presence of the Vespa 946 Louis Vuitton. Well, Goldwingfetish, which is a car modification house from Russia in early 2021 then, has released the Vespa 946 Louis Vuitton (LV) Edition which is claimed to be the only premium scooter made by Vespa in the world.
Vespa 946 Louis Vuitton. (Picture from: Motoplus)
Although it looks special, the Vespa 946 Louis Vuitton is different from the other special edition Vespa 946 which is the result of a collaboration between the Piaggio Group and a well-known fashion brand. The reason is, until now there has been no official statement from either the Piaggio Group or Louis Vuitton regarding this 946 Louis Vuitton.
Vespa 946 Louis Vuitton. (Picture from: Motoplus)
Even so, the Vespa 946 Louis Vuitton by Goldwingfetish is able to create an exclusive impression. In appearance, the Vespa 946 still adopts the same design and curve as the previous version. It's just that the 946 special edition comes in blue and is studded with the very iconic LV motif throughout the motorcycle body.
Vespa 946 Louis Vuitton. (Picture from: Motoplus)
Starting from the front to the back, filled with logos that became the pride of these socialites. On the seats and rims, the LV blue color is also not spared. Meanwhile, on the front wing, Goldwingfetish embeds the LV logo with serial number 001/001 which indicates that this bike is the only one in the world.
Vespa 946 Louis Vuitton. (Picture from: Kompas)
In uploads on its social media, Goldwingfetish did not include the detailed specifications of the 946 LV edition. Goldwingfetish only includes information, this limited Vespa 946 petrol cap is coated with a material that is combined between aluminum and nickel.

Regarding the price, it is unfortunate that Goldwingfetish also did not provide information regarding the price of this Vespa 946. Of course, for the Vespa 946 class the price will not be cheap. If previously the Vespa 946 Christian Dior was sold in Europe for around €10,000 (Rp. 160 million), some say that this Luis Vuitton version is sold at an even higher price tag of around €15,000 (Rp. 240 million).

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