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Monday, February 6, 2023

Mysterious Vespa racing scooter prototype of 1950s revealed

Mystery REVEALED The first time we saw this scooter on the internet a few years ago. At that time we were immediately fell in love with it because in our opinion this scooter has an unusual fierce shape we've never seen before. After that, we tried to find out what model this scooter was? However, it turns out that none of the models in the Piaggio's scooter catalog like this one.
The gorgeous scooter called Vespa 125 Corsa (original) built based on 1951 Vespa 125 by Cavalli brothers-owned workshop under the Piaggio authorization of the 1950s(Picture from: FotoCommunity)
After searching, we finally found a little information about this unusual scooter from an account on a photography site in the name of William Mendini (a gentleman of Brescia), plus other info from several Vespa scooter fansites such as Basque Radical Mods, Vespa Club Salo and others.
The 1951 Vespa 125 has an aerodynamically bulged shape that resembles a big nose which is also used as a place for the headlight attached. (Picture from: FotoCommunity)
It turns out that this scooter was built based on the 1951 Piaggio Vespa 125 model by a Brescia-based modification workshop owned by the Cavalli brothers. The unique-shaped scooter was designed by Achille Cavalli for racing purposes and is said to have authorization of Piaggio as the manufacturer and owner of the Vespa brand.
The gorgeous scooter called Vespa 125 Corsa (original) modified under the Piaggio authorization for racing purposes. (Picture from: FotoCommunity)
As a result, the one-off prototype (as we can see today) was successfully built in 1951 and tested in 1952. But unfortunately, there are no data or records about it after that. So it is clear now, that isn't a scooter model made by Piaggio but the custom-built scooter result of a Brescia-based workshop. As for the name, some call it Vespa 125 Corsa (original) prototype, and --Because We Love Vespa-- If allowed, we preferred called it as Vespa Grosso Naso (big nose).😎
Achille Cavalli one of three Cavalli brothers who modified the Vespa 125 in the early 1950s. (Picture from: FotoCommunity)
When viewed from the physical appearance it looks like a combination of many scooter models made by Piaggio in the 1950s. As we can see from the front view, the scooter has striking looks with an aerodynamically bulged shape that resembles a big nose which is also used as a place for the headlight attached. Then to the middle, where a handlebar is the same as that used on the Vespa scooter model at that time.

Then in between the seat and the handlebar, there is an extra-large size fuel tank like the one on the Vespa Circuito 125 and at the bottom of where a spare tire saved like the Vespa 125 'Sei Giorno' models. Going to the back, there is a fin that at a glance reminds us of the Vespa Siluro model. While the engine, it looks like still uses a 125cc 2-stroke engine (there was none of the info about it).
The 1951 Vespa 125 was featured with a larger fuel tank, and a spare-tire in the middle. (Picture from: BasqueRadicalMods)
And if you look carefully ranging from the front to the rear of this scooter was very aerodynamic and added to the rider's sitting position who ducks with his head tilted over the fuel tank. Of course, that's very promising to be fast when speeding on the track.
The 1951 Vespa 125 was designed by Achille Cavalli (look at the designer name stamped on the scooter body), and probably still uses a 125cc 2-stroke engine. (Picture from: BasqueRadicalMods)
As quoted of FotoCommunity.it under the name of William Mendini's account, for more than fifty years this beauty racing scooter was stored well in a garage at the outskirts of the city and lastly restored in 2008, but it is unknown who the scooter owner today.
The gorgeous scooter called Vespa 125 Corsa (original) has a rear fin that at a glance reminds us of the famous Vespa Siluro model. (Picture from: BasqueRadicalMods)
That's it, and if the article above is still considered inadequate or inaccurate, or if you have additional information related to this unique scooter, please don't hesitate to let us know via the comments column below this article.

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