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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Legendary Vespa Sei Giorni racing scooter

As we know that Vespa is a scooter brand made by Piaggio which is very well known to this day. This scooter brand was founded in the 1940s and continues to exist today, so it is not surprising that Vespa has many classic models with distinctive body shapes such as wasps.
1951 Vespa 125 'Sei Giorni' is managed to set prestigious achievements during the ISDT 1951 held in Varese, Italy. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2E3A1Wi)
But apart from having many classic and elegant scooter models, Vespa also has scooters with unique designs that are made for special purposes such as a racing scooter. One of them is the Vespa 125 'Sei Giorni' which managed to set prestigious achievements in one of the toughest and prestigious post-war racing events the ISDT 1951 in Varese, Italy.
A group of Vespa 125 'Sei Giorni' riders who competed in the ISDT 1951, possibly at the speed test. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2FutaFZ)
The scooter's name of Sei Giorni taken of the Italian if translated in English mean Six Days. Why is named like that? Because in the 1950s there was a classic international racing competition held in 6 days named International Six Days Trials (ISDT), which followed by many European two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers and Piaggio also took part in those racing events. This competition was held to test the machine's durability and reliability by crossing the European forests, hills, and mountains.
1951 Vespa 125 'Sei Giorni' on display at the Museo della Piaggio in Pontadera, Italy. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/30XT6lG)
The harshness and the intense atmosphere of the competition forced the vehicle manufacturers to bring out the best version of their production line. That said, the winner of this competition is believed to increase sales volume in the future.
Scooter rider #69 Natale Biasci on Vespa 125 'Sei Giorni' tried covering ground in the ISDT 1951. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2FutaFZ)
To meet the needs of those racing events, so the Pontedera-based scooter maker company creating the Vespa Sei Gioni model, which at glance looked similar to the 1951 Vespa which was used a 125cc 2-stroke engine. But, there are several striking differences such as the application of a slimmer and rounder wing like a boat. Then the front and rear suspension are also made tougher and coupled with the use of a larger fuel tank.
1951 Vespa 125 'Sei Giorni' was used a 125cc 2-stroke update engine with a spare tire is placed in between the handlebar and the seat. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2FtnDj0)
Not only that the engine is also updated by enlarging the torque so that it could be crossed the ferocious hill terrains. The right-side section is also made larger to accommodate the racing carburetor above the cylinder box. Then there's a spare tire is placed in between the handlebar and the seat to make easier the rider to change the tire on the racing.
1951 Vespa 125 'Sei Giorni' while on display at the Indonesia Scooter Festival 2017 and look has a larger fuel tank capacity. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/341xNkX)
At first, the Italian manufacturer was skeptical when the first 10 units of the Vespa Sei Giorni were completed but then turned optimistic when these scooters managed to conquer offroad tracks and speed tests at the Monza Circuit and were make the Piaggio factory team grab a gold medal as the only Italian team to have won the race.
Through the Piaggio Squadra Corse team in 1951, they managed to win the 26th International Six Days Trials (ISDT) held in Varese, Italy, and managed to deliver the Piaggio scooter brand to the pinnacle of glory. During the grueling the 1951 competition event, they managed to grab several gold medals by winning in 9 categories.
The 1951 Vespa 125 'Sei Giorni' legend scooter posed along with the 2018 Vespa Sei Giorni 300 Special Edition. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/30XT6lG)
The Vespa Sei Giorni racing scooters were only produced for 3 years (from 1951 to 1953) with a population of only about 300 units. --Because We Love Vespa--
To appreciate the achievements of those Vespa legendary racing scooters at the ISDT 1951, then Piaggio released a special edition  of the modern Vespa scooter model based on the GTS300 engine in a typical Sei Giorni livery and named Vespa Sei Giorni 300 in July, 2018 as many as 3,000 units worldwide.

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