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Monday, May 4, 2020

The 1960s unique-shaped Argentine car with the German name

On one occasion while surfing the internet, by chance we saw this unique car shape. Suddenly we felt very curious when we first saw it and wanted to find out in detail. From the physical appearance, maybe not a few of you will say this car has a bad and strange shape. That's okay because in our opinion it is only a matter of taste. And in our opinion, this car has a unique appearance.
This unique-shaped Zunder 1500 made by an Argentine company named the Automotive Transport Industry SRL back in the 1960s. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2YhC0hx)
Then what is this car? This is the Zunder 1500, a car produced in the early 1960s by an Argentine automotive company named Automotive Transport Industry SRL which has production facilities in Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina. The factory is owned by two brothers named Nelson José and Eligio Oscar Bongiovanni.
The simple instrument panel along with wheel steering could be seen in the cabin of the 1960 Zunder 1500. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3aJncuQ)
Furthermore, when seeing from its name, 'Zunder' is a German word meaning 'Spark.' Turn out, not only the name is taken from the Germans, but it uses a German car engine too, ie a Porsche 1500cc air-cooled engine.

It came with revolutionary design (we assumed that's the company's thought) although it tends to be a bit eccentric (that's in our opinion), it managed to make the Zunder has a different appearance and not similar to any other cars that existed at the time.
This 1960 Zunder 1500 uses a Porsche 1500cc air-cooled engine. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/2z0WZdR)
Uniquely, this car has a body made of corrosion-resistant plastic resin materials and applied the wraparound windscreen as well, while what was on the market in the time and commonly used on cars is flat glass with a separator in the middle of the windshield.
It's noted the maker only built the Zunder 1500 about just 200 units before ceased production in 1963. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3aPwLbs)
Despite this, the Zunder did not have the commercial success that was expected and the entire production process then stopped in 1963. It's noted the maker only built the Zunder 1500 about just 200 units.
As the quoted of the DriveTribe, that the car in the photos was a coupe version prototype of the Zunder 1500. So it emerges another question if are there other versions? Some-kind of convertible versions? There is no information about it. So far, it is not known exactly how many the Zunder 1500 are still surviving until now😥. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DRIVE TRIBE]
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