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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Lepoix's R12 futuristic bodywork designed far beyond its time

There are always creative people who could be used as inspirational models. No exception in the automotive world. Maybe the following figure is not many people who know him, because indeed he was not so prominent in his time. But over time, it is increasingly seen how extraordinary the work and achievements of this gentleman figure when viewed today.
Louis Lucien Lepoix and his spectacular motorcycle with futuristic bodywork for his BMW R12 made in 1947. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/38fgQSL)
Yes, he is Louis Lucien Lepoix, a French-born industrial designer, but mostly settled in Germany during his career. Noted, he had founded his-owned design atelier that was originally focused on two-wheeled projects in 1947.

The work began by creating an extraordinary futuristic bodywork for his BMW R12. The BMW R12 motorcycle is known to carry a 750cc flat-twin side-valve engine with a press "steel" frame.
The comparatively staid BMW R12 on which Lepoix placed his futuristic bodywork. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3coQi4A)
As quoted from Bikeexif, it was mentioned that even without the support of the manufacturer, in 1947 he designed and built an extraordinary streamlined motorcycle based on his BMW R12 motorcycle. It was said that he bought a 1934 BMW R12 motorcycle from an auction held by the French Military in Baden-Baden, Germany.
Louis Lucien Lepoix’s pre-War sketch for his modern motorcycle design. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/38fgQSL)
The result, a motorcycle that is very spectacular, but its weight is now a little heavier. At that time very few motorcycle models explored the full-streamlining concept and, more rarely, applied fairing which protected the rider from being blown by the wind. And after wearing a new bodywork that has an art-deco style, so it looks very stylish, modern and futuristic.
A sketch of the Lepoix's BMW R12 with a fully covered and faired (ie, bodywork protecting the rider with aerodynamic, wind-cheating designs). (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2THufOj)
Perhaps, this modified R12 motorbike was one of the first motorbikes to be fully covered and faired (ie, bodywork protecting the rider with aerodynamic, wind-cheating designs).

But shortly after building the motorcycle, he sold it because of financial problems and since then the motorcycle is not known to exist anymore.
Another view of the BMW special (note the BMW’s original brakes and fork shrouds are incorporated). (Picture from: http://bit.ly/32GqUCT)
Besides using the BMW motorbike mentioned above to build his name in the German motorcycle industry, there're many more motorcycles designed by Louis Lucien Lepoix in the 1950s such as Kreidler, Hercules, Horex, Puch, Maico, Triumph, Bastert and Walba and others.

And during his career in the automotive world, he produced a lot of phenomenal futuristic vehicle design works far beyond its time.
Rearview of the BMW special showing its sweeping, integrated lines, and the original pressed-steel frame of the BMW beneath. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/38fgQSL)
At the end of the Bikeexif article is wrote, that the son of Louis Lucien Lepoix seeks help from anybody to inform them if there's any whereabout info of this unique BMW R12. Due to there is not much information now about this BMW, or who the buyer was. And the video below is about the original BMW R12.
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