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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Have You ever known these two unique Polish motorcycles?

Embarking on a digital journey through the vast expanse of cyberspace often leads to unexpected discoveries, especially when stumbling upon unique motorized vehicles that defy the conventional. The allure of the unknown struck us when we first encountered the MSS (Motocykl Stanisław Skura) 1 and MSS 500, two classic Polish motorcycles that seemed to exist in the shadows of obscurity.
The first motorcycle built by Stanislaw Skura in 1949 named MSS 1. (Picture from: Tropper4x4)
Intrigued by their distinctiveness, our curiosity was piqued, compelling us to delve deeper into the story behind these two remarkable machines. As we navigated through the limited information available, a sense of mystery enveloped both motorcycles, enhancing their enigmatic charm.

1. 1949 MSS 1
The MSS 1, crafted in 1949, holds the distinction of being the inaugural motorcycle meticulously handcrafted by Stanisław Skura. Working at a military airbase granted him access to valuable equipment and aluminum materials from airplane workshops, paving the way for the birth of this extraordinary machine. With components predominantly crafted by Skura himself, including the notable German military aircraft wheels and carburetor sourced from tanks, the MSS 1 stands out with its unique design.
1949 MSS 1 featuring front and rear wheels repurposed from German military aircraft, snugly ensconced in 20-inch truck rims. (Picture from: Tropper4x4)
What catches the eye immediately is the MSS 1's unique design, featuring front and rear wheels repurposed from German military aircraft, snugly ensconced in 20-inch truck rims. The carburetor, an essential component, found its origin in German tanks. The V2 OHV engine, boasting a capacity of around 4,500 ccm, coupled with a three-speed gearbox, adds both power and charisma to this one-of-a-kind creation.
1949 MSS 1 powered by a V2 OHV 4,500 ccm engine combined with a three-speed gearbox. (Picture from: JustACarGuy)
Remarkably, the MSS 1 could accommodate up to eight passengers, a feat achieved with a sidecar and a rear platform. The ingenious design allowed for a unique riding experience, with three passengers on the motorcycle and two on the sidecar, while an additional three could stand on the rear platform.
1949 MSS 1 has a pretty unique shape, this can be seen from both of front-rear wheels mentioned taken from the German military aircraft wheels and mounted on 20-inches-size truck rims(Picture from: Polskie Motocykle on Facebook)
The lack of detailed performance information doesn't dim the fascination surrounding this motorcycle. Its ability to bear such a significant load not only showcases the craftsmanship of Stanisław Skura but also implies the presence of a potent and robust engine that powered this unconventional marvel.
1949 MSS 1 is able to carry 8 passengers at once including the driver (3 on the motorcycle and 2 on the sidecar) and 3 other standing on the rear platform. (Picture from: Polskie Motocykle on Facebook)
Tragically, the MSS 1 met its untimely demise when confiscated and destroyed by the Polish military. Allegations of utilizing military property components led to the demise of this extraordinary creation.

2. 1957 MSS 500
Fast forward to 1957, and Stanisław Skura rekindled his passion for crafting unique motorcycles with the MSS 500. The rounded and peculiar design, accentuated by large wheels, sets this motorbike apart. This motorcycle at a glance is similar to another unique motorcycle from Germany named Friedenstaube Motorrad that made in the 1930s. However both of them didn't have any relationship at all.
While this MSS 500 is built by Stanislaw Skura in 1957 and used a single-cylinder 500 ccm engine. (Picture from: Tropper4x4)
Constructed mainly from leftover items of the 2nd World War, the MSS 500 boasts an aluminum frame, trapezoidal front, swingarm with central shock absorbers, and aluminum fenders..
Powering the MSS 500 is a single-cylinder engine with a 500 ccm capacity. Unfortunately, specific performance details remain elusive. Notably, this motorcycle rolls on a pair of car wheels, encased in 16-inch rims, adding to its unconventional charm.
Regarded as a rare gem, the MSS 500 attracts automotive collectors worldwide, commanding exorbitant prices. The last known public appearance of this unique motorcycle was at a classic motorcycle exhibition held at the Topacz Castle in Kobierzyce near Wroclaw, Poland, in 2012. (Picture from: Izhmoto.pl)

The tales of MSS 1 and MSS 500 serve as a testament to the ingenuity that springs forth from individuals who seize opportunities and creatively transform their surroundings. As we explore the untrodden paths of inspiration, these motorcycles remind us that with determination and courage, anyone can turn dreams into reality.

Kept spur your adrenaline on the power of the two-wheeled monster and stay alive with true safety riding. God will forgive Your sins and so does the cops.... *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | TROOPER 4X4 | IZHMOTO.PL]
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