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Sunday, February 9, 2020

A Gundam-faced Prius PHV concept on display at Tokyo

At the annual grand event titled Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 enlivened by the number of eccentric modified cars, this is very challenging automotive manufacturers to be creative as well. It can be seen when Toyota did not seem to want to be left behind so in this event featuring the Toyota Ambivalent RD Prius PHV (Plug-in Hybrid) Concept at their booth.
Modellista and TRD teamed up to bring the Toyota Ambivalent RD Prius PHV (Plug-in Hybrid) Concept on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2RXnAjg)
The Toyota Ambivalent RD Prius PHV (Plug-in Hybrid) concept is the first collaboration between the Toyota Modellista, a division that focuses on working with aftermarket accessories and Toyota Racing Development (TRD). Yes, the two divisions of the Japanese automotive giant share the task of building this concept car, where TRD focusing on the formation of the aerodynamics sector. While Modelllista is more about the installation of aftermarket products, with the aim of getting an attractive appearance.
The front of the Toyota Ambivalent RD Prius PHV (Plug-in Hybrid) Concept appears aggressive without the grille(Picture from: http://bit.ly/3718JbQ)
By appearing as a concept car, having an extreme appearance seems to be a necessity that must be applied, because this is intended to make it the center of attention. We'll see, it looks very far from the marketed model. This car has a simple and very futuristic appearance. The exterior appearance of the concept car is then refined by giving a white dominant color on the whole body.
There is a dual body-color exposure of the Toyota Ambivalent RD Prius PHV (Plug-in Hybrid) Concept(Picture from: http://bit.ly/31u5xEd)
The front appears aggressive without a grille, making it look similar to a fighter jet. Underneath is a silver line accented body kit. It's creeper from the area that is usually used as a fog light house, to the center to connect the two areas. Its presence confirms a sporty aura. At first glance similar to the usual style applied supercars. The lighting sector is not clearly visible. Not only because it is slanted and sharped, but also the black detail that covers it to the side of the car. With the same black color also applied to the hood, as if he connected with a matching windshield.
On the back of the Toyota Ambivalent RD Prius PHV (Plug-in Hybrid) Concept, there's a vertical line like a backbone in the middle(Picture from: http://bit.ly/2RXnAjg)
While on the side, there is a dual body-color exposure. Where the entire pillar to the roof is black, while the bottom is white with a dark stroke on the back door. In the modern design rim with a five-bar model. There're purple lines on the rims with LEDs with the star patterns. The provision of this LED accent is also found on the front fascia, bumper and fog lamp area that can emit purple light.

On the back it also looks no less unique, Toyota tucked a vertical line like a backbone in the middle. It's extending from the roof to the spoiler, then down to the diffuser. The roof and diffuser are also equipped with red phosphorescent LEDs. 
On the rear spoiler also decorated with fins that have LEDs as well. Apparently, this is a combination of a stop lamp with turn signal and reverse lights. So that if observed at a glance it resembles the face of Gundam (a Japanese robot cartoon). Its diffuser looks aggressive, reinforces the impression of being far more sporty than the Prius mass-produced version.
The question now is, will Toyota made the Prius production version of this concept? Because remembering everything that is in this concept car is intended for exhibition, so a little hope it will be realized. Moreover, extreme display is quite difficult to meet the homologation of highway traffic. Nevertheless, Toyota succeeded in presenting the works that changed the view of the Prius figure, where a PHV does not have to always be gentle. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARSCOOPS | MOTOR1]
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