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Monday, December 30, 2019

1967 Molzon Corsa GT38 concept

For those of you fans of four-wheeled vehicles, might be there're still many who think that the classic cars must have an outdated appearance with a performance below-average of modern cars that existed today. This does not apply, at least it will make you slightly frown and feel amazed when sees the one-off classic car named Molzon Concept Corsa GT38.
1968 Molzon Concept Corsa GT38 built by William 'Bill' Molzon, a visionary GM designer who involved in many Chevy models. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2SFgGj9)
How not, the concept car built by only one unit by William 'Bill' Molzon, a visionary GM designer who worked closely with under Larry Shinoda on some of the most successful models in the history of Chevrolet.

As quoted from Silodrome, this concept car was built starting in 1963 to fulfill Molzon's ambitious dream of being able to make a car that is entirely the result of his own design with better acceleration than the fastest Corvette, the fuel economy of a Corvair, and the refined handling capabilities of a Lotus.
1968 Molzon Concept Corsa GT38 built by William 'Bill' Molzon has an angular wedge-shape which at a glance would have similar designs from Gandini and Giugiaro. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/37kJm59)
It was clear from the start that he would need a car with a rigid and lightweight space frame chassis and independent suspension at all corners, coupled with a lightweight, bespoke fiberglass body. The initial design of this concept had more an angular wedge-shape which at a glance would have similar designs from Gandini and Giugiaro, but Molzon developed the design into a much more curvaceous form as it offers much better aerodynamics.
1968 Molzon Concept Corsa GT38 built by William 'Bill' Molzon used a Corvair's flat-6 engine and Porsche 901's 5-Speed Manual transaxle. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2F6S0bz)
Then the chassis is designed and welded together on jigs, most of which use a 1-inch steel tube with a 90-inch wheelbase, a total length of 136 inches, and a semi-monocoque front sub-structure. Actually, the initial design of the chassis has been developed since Molzon was still in college, and he even structurally tested a scale model of the frame in the school laboratory.

Its front suspension is made up of an unequal length of wishbones, with forearms consisting of transverse supports and leading arms with anti-dive geometry. Then the rear suspension is the upper link with the lower arm A inverted, twin trailing arms, and anti-squat geometry.
1968 Molzon Concept Corsa GT38 built by William 'Bill' Molzon used a hand made fiberglass body with a total weight of only 1,200 lbs. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2F6S0bz)
For the engine, Molzon decided to use a Chevrolet Corvair engine because of its lightweight aluminum construction and air-cooled. The engine is capable of producing power of 200 bhp and is installed in a rear-middle location directly behind the cockpit for optimal weight distribution.

Previously there was a problem with the transaxle that was felt to be really compatible with this Corvair engine, then it was finally decided to use a 5-Speed Manual transaxle from a new Porsche model called the 901 (which would become the 911) that also uses a similar type of flat-6 engine. Then the transaxle is ordered directly from Germany and then modified in such a way so that to fit the Corvair engine.

When it came time to make its body, Molzon cut down a series of Styrofoam blocks to match sections of his full-scale surface development drawing, then glued them together. Each piece then underwent final trimming and surfacing, before it was sealed. Once it was ready the fiberglass was laid, with the final form being ready in the summer of 1967. Once the final fit and finish were done and the electrics and interior were installed, the car was ready for its launching.

Molzon kept the car in pride of place in his personal collection for 50 years, it only covered 950 miles. And at the end of 2017 when he was 78 decided to offer his unique one-off automobile design for public sale for the first time. And according to Bonham, The one and only Molzon Corsa GT38 sold for the prices of US $41,800 (Rp. 582 million) inc. premium. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BONHAMS | SILODROME]
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