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Saturday, December 1, 2018

This smart car able to glance pedestrians who will cross the road

Recently, one of the famous car manufacturers from England, Jaguar Land Rover in collaboration with their compatriot pod manufacturer, Aurrigo has introduced their newest vehicle concept to the public. Yes, a smart car with the autonomous technology and also fitted with a pair of eye-shaped devices which is named Virtual Eye Pod.
Jaguar Land Rover in collaboration with Aurrigo make the concept of an autonomous car equipped with a pair of big eyes in front named Virtual Eye Pod. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2qJVdqg)
Thus physically, this smart car is like having a pair of eyes. And sophisticated, those eyes can glance left and right while monitoring the crossing pedestrians. That way, this car is expected to provide information to pedestrians, so as to let them know when the time is safe to cross the road or not.

As quoted of Carscoops, at this condition, at least it can give more confidence to pedestrians when is the right time to cross when the driverless car crosses the road. And this British company is also said to have carried out some researches before to start this project.

"It’s second-nature to glance at the driver of the approaching vehicle before stepping into the road. Understanding how this translates in tomorrow’s more automated world is important," said Future Mobility Research Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, Pete Bennett through a release as quoted by Carcscoops.

Based on the results of research conducted by those company, at least 63 percent of pedestrians and bicycle users were worried about their safety if autonomous vehicles were on the streets.
As for the time being, the Virtual Eye Pod is operated around Coventry, England. Of course this smart car will be continued to develop so that it can continue to glance automatically, if there is a pedestrian who will cross the street. Thus a fatal accident between the car and other road users can be avoided. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | JAGUAR LAND ROVER | AURRIGO | CARSCOOPS | TOP GEAR]
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