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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Nissan's Unfinished Supercar: The MID4 II Legacy

The Ancestor - When first launch in 1969, the first generation of Nissan Skyline GT-R success in the car's racing arena and then torn into the first sports car ever made by Nissan is very sold in the auto market at that time. But when the 2nd generation of Skyline GT-R failed to achieve the same interest, the Yokohama-based automaker decided to temporarily vacuum from the sports car arena.
1985 Nissan MID-4 concept. (Picture from: Carstyling.ru)
And finally, in the 1980s, Nissan tried to return to the sports car arena. No half-hearted, Nissan targets to fight European sports cars such as Ferrari and Porsche. The result is the Nissan MID4 Concept exhibited to the world for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show 1985.
Rear three-quarter 1985 Nissan MID-4 concept. (Picture from: Carstyling.ru)
But unfortunately the Nissan MID4 project was stagnant, but still forwarded by Nissan MID4 II in 1987. The Nissan MID4 II car uses a V6 turbo VG30DETT 3.0-liter engine that capable of producing power of 325 hp. As for the car's control, Nissan MID4 II has double-wishbone independent suspension in front, and multilink system on the back.
1987 Nissan MID-4 II. (Picture from: CarRevsDaily)
Then, more special, the Nissan MID4 II has a four wheel HICAS steering wheel, and four-wheel drive for a thorough power distribution. However, due to the high cost factor of production from the first super car made by Nissan, the MID4 II never entered the production line.
Rear view of 1987 Nissan MID-4 II. (Picture from: CarRevsDaily)
However, that does not mean the technology is wasted away. As you can see, the V6 VG30DETT turbo engine supposedly made specifically for MID4 II, then used by Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX. While the four-wheeled HICAS steering system was also re-developed and reborn on two favorite coupe of Nissan's fans, le Nissan Silvia and Nissan Skyline.
Then, the four-wheel drive that makes the Nissan Skyline GT-R was so phenomenal in the 1990s also taken from the four-wheel drive system owned by Nissan MID4 II. *** [EKA [10072017] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARSTYLING.RU | CARREVSDAILY ]
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