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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Mysterious Kode 57 supercar released

~Unique ONES~ As we have seen, these days have many supercars born and surprised the automotive world. Now, the list will increase with the presence of a supercar called Kode 57. or k.o 57. The new car was revealed in The Quail, a motor sport gathering in Monterey some time ago.
Ken Okuyama unveils his radical Kode 57 world premiere supercar concept at The Quail event in California. (Picture from: Forbes)
The figure behind this masterpiece is Ken Okuyama, an internationally-renowned Japanese designer who led the styling team that penned the mighty Ferrari Enzo and also many other cars.

And now, he designed and built the car sits on a steel chassis and powered by the most powerful V12 engine, which bursts about 600 bhp of power. The machine is installed in front of the car in a still unknown front mid-ship configuration.
The name Kode 57 pays homage to the year 1957, a year in which legendary cars like the Jaguar XKSS and Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa were born. (Picture from: Forbes
Okuyama told that this car will be produced in a limited numbers (only five will be made) and some examples will be produced by hand in their state of the art facility. This car got a long nose and short deck. There's big air intakes at the front and a large rear diffuser help airflow and cooling. It almost looks like a Formula 1 car.
The interior incorporates individual color schemes for the driver and passenger. (Picture from: Forbes
The use of aluminum space frame and carbon fiber body panels to make the weight of this car becomes lighter. It gets a half cut front windscreen and uniquely its scissors type doors open backwards.
Check out the rear diffuser. The ground effects on this coupe are inspired by formula cars! (Picture from: Forbes
The engine and suspension can be set accordingly to the owner desires, thanks to a collaboration with German specialist Novitec Rosso. Even the ride height can be adjusted as well. No compromises have been made when it comes to tires, the car gets Pirreli P-Zero tires.
Reportedly, this car is priced at $2.5 million (approx Rp.32.7 billion) and has been ordered by the world's renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather to add his supercar collection. *** [EKA [24082016] |  FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN | FORBES | DRIVESPARK ]
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