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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Can Humans fight the aging?

Are you afraid of old? Wrinkles? Becoming senile? Or, spend the rest of the time in helplessness? All it will no longer be a problem. Soon human freed from these concerns. Human's physical body will no longer aging.

According to the founder as well as a senior scientist of Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) Research Foundation. Aubrey de Grey is very confident that human immortality can be realized.
Can Humans fight the aging? (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1aKeRI)
"The study we're working on fixing the effects of aging will allow humans to live a thousand years. Or even do not need to die," she said. According to the Cambridge University alumnus, there are still too few scientists who study on the prevention of aging.

"So, people strongly believe in the concept that being old is a natural process. But, in fact not the case. In my opinion, being old can be fought," said De Grey. Old, she added, is a sign that the body is damaged.

In an interview with The Actuary, De Grey likens the human body to a machine. Like the engine, in the human body there are many components.

"Like a car's engine or an aircraft engine, the human body also bears the accumulation of damage that occurred during his life as a consequence of normal," she explained about the aging process.

Although normal, the damage can be prevented or corrected. "Just a matter of time until people can find the most appropriate formula to repair the damage in the body such as the damage to the vehicle's engine," she said.
That explanation makes De Grey harvest many criticisms. However, she stuck to her line. "Over time, our research shows things are increasingly significant," she said.

Therefore, De Grey was getting steady work on the study. Now she is getting immune to criticism. Moreover, after many separate studies appearing and even support such studies. One of these studies on the Metformin, Rapamycin, and Resveratrol that can prevent cell aging. "I believe science can cure aging," she said.

With the aid of drugs, according to her, the body will be fooled. The manipulation is what then makes the aging process in the body stops. De Grey convinced, over time, her research will be more perfect. Thus, hope to extend human life in a better quality nor impossible.

The genes study
Have the same mission with Aubrey de Grey of SENS, the scientists from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and the University of Washington believe, by doing a bit of genetic change, the human lifespan can be increased up to 60 percent.

The research they've done during the past ten years have identified 238 genes that when removed can extend the life span of yeast cells. These genes are mostly found in mammals, including humans, so it may just human lifespan can be extended by removing those genes.

To identify the gene responsible for the aging process, the scientists examined 4,698 yeast cell lines, each of which has been removed one of their genes and then monitor how long these cells could live before stopping breakaway.

According to Dr. Mark McCormick of the Buck Institute, the best results of the research is the elimination of a gene that can extend the life of yeast cells by up to 60 percent longer than the normal yeast cells. The gene is a gene LOS1, that associated with changes in genes associated with calorie restriction through fasting and extended life.

According to Dr. Kennedy, lead author of the study, by removing the hormones that encourage the growth could affect the body to slow aging. The latest study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SENS RESEARCH FOUNDATION]
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