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Monday, April 11, 2016

Trying to understand the figure of the future racing car

The point is that we all did not fail to understand about the form of a racing car of the future. And referring to the following figure is a vehicle similar jet land in the future, and looks quite strange. This racing car was designed not have a racer seat just like Formula One (F1) at this time.

This is the world's first autonomous racing car. The figure of a racing car developed by London-based Kinetik, the car itself is set to feature in its first 'shows' during the 2016/17 Formula E series.
It is an autonomous race car that will compete in the new autonomous car racing competitions named RoboRace. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1Z06im)
The initial design of this racing car produced by Simon Daniel. As the creator of the race cars of the future, Simon known as the designer who entrusted to create the future motorcycle in the 'Tron: Legacy,' one of the famous Hollywood's sci-fi movies. According to him that the low aerodynamic profile is to generate the huge amounts of grip required.

This car is scheduled to compete in an autonomous car racing competition called 'RoboRace.' Everything will work based on advanced technologies. Although it does not require a driver, but the role of humans in this race is still dominant.

RoboRace is a planned driverless series that will see 10 teams compete to develop the best artificially intelligent controlled car. The challenges are quite difficult in this autonomous racing, the engineers must set up the sophisticated software to be connected to one another in order to avoid collisions between the cars.
While the team behind the car have given very few details about how it will work, or its size, Denis Sverdlov, from RoboRace told Wired, when the series was announced, that the cars would have top speeds of "more than 300 kph (186 mph)". When they take to the track, the cars will be using the same tarmac as the Formula E cars, but take place before the main race, as the technology showcase series travels around the world.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | WIRED]
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