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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Our Earth is getting hotter, and the prophecies of doomsday is not crap!

The Earth shook very hard. The shock was to make a mountain out like cotton wool floating in the wind and the sea rumbled land grabbing. Without the rest and made the universe destroyed. That was the illustrations about the end of times described by the scriptures, which often appears in the Hollywood movies. The Earth is destroyed, and all its occupants died.
Our Earth is facing many problems like Global Warming, Ozone layer depletion, Melting of Polar caps and so on. We know that we are directly or indirectly the reason behind this. Question yourself, without this Earth where should we live? (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1YbqII)
Such in the latest movie 'San Andreas' was released in 2015, tells the destruction of Earth because of the earthquake. Not one or two, but almost every decade there were someone who predict the apocalypse time.

Apart from the prophecies about time and form of the doomsday, today people actually have been faced with major threats which could destroy the Earth. Ie the tangible threat of global warming.

As reported by Kompas Sains, the Earth's temperature in 2014 was increased by about 0.85 degrees Celsius starting from 1850. The rising of Earth's temperature triggered partly by the massive use of fossil energy, such as coal and petroleum.

Those energy sources release carbon dioxide and other gas emissions in large quantities which is then retained in the layer of the atmosphere. Those sediments trap the heat from the Sun, so that eventually the Earth's temperature rises.

And the global warming causes environmental destruction, start from the melting of the ice at the poles, sea levels rise, changes in precipitation patterns, up to extreme weather changes. If left unchecked, there is the possibility of the Earth's temperature rises by 4 degrees Celsius in the near future.

As the nearest projection, the Earth's temperature will rise 2 degrees Celsius in 2100. If true, the sea levels will rise and wider soak the mainland. Jakarta, New York and Shanghai are the cities that threatened to sink if the Earth is getting hotter.

Save Our Earth
Based on the above facts, the natural recovery of an urgent need. At a UN's high-level conference on climate change held in France in 2015 have set of recommendations for the countries in the world made an effort to fight the environmental degradation.
We all know that Technology is the main reason behind the destruction of the Earth. What should we do? Can we live without technology? Then, can we live without Earth? Can’t we do anything to Save Our Earth? We can. Use the technology for the necessities but not for the luxury. Be a part of the "Save Our Earth" initiative. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1YbsfA)
One of the main ways for the implementation of these recommendations is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and replace it to sustainable energy sources. In the simple way, to drive the vehicles aren't use the refined petroleum but use energy from natural cycles, such as hydro, wind, ocean currents, and or geothermal.

Currently, of the many efforts to fight the global warming, the world could look to the regions of Grenoble and Lyon in France. Both cities in the regions using smart grid systems from Schneider Electric.

The system utilizes information technology to manage electricity networks between the power generating companies and users, both home and industry. At the household level, the citizen use an application called StruxureWare to understand and monitor their energy usage.

The information of energy consumption in each house was gathered wearing a device called Wiser. At the time of peak load (the highest consumption of electricity) the device sends data to the central network so as to allow the output settings of more energy-efficient.

On the industrial level, by using the same applications and devices. The system allows energy to be managed according to supply and demand of the building without disrupting productivity of the users. The data reporting to the central network continues to be used anyway. The data were also analyzed on a regular basis, to look at the possibility of excessive energy use and the solution.

The implementation of such a system could be a solution to make efficient use of energy while eroding the resulting carbon emissions. The eventual goal, make the Earth be a decent and more comfortable place for us, until the real Judgment day actually occurs *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | KOMPAS SAINS]
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