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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Breaking the Mold: Porsche Made Weird Motorcycle once

Unique ONES - Did you know that Porsche ventured beyond its famous sports cars to create a diverse range of products, including shoes, furniture, and even a unique motorcycle? The concept of the Porsche motorcycle, known as AMK (Alternatives Motorrad Konzept), was born in 1978. So....
The Porsche AMK concept motorcycle was unveiled in 1978, and the rider wearing a Ghillie Suit appropriate for a Mardi-gras hunting party. (Picture from: LAZone)
The design team at the Zell am See Studio in Austria based the AMK on the Yamaha SR 500, a concept of a single-cylinder motorcycle.
The idea behind this innovative motorcycle stemmed from the evolving transportation era dominated by motor vehicles. Porsche aimed to offer a two-wheeled 'crossover' vehicle for car users, catering to those who preferred the comfort of a car but were hesitant to ride a motorcycle.
Inside the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, the AMK Concept is displayed beside a Porsche  adjustable “Antropovarius” lounge chair. (Picture from: LAZone)
The motorcycle's upright seating position and front windshield gave it the appearance of a 'car in the form of a two-wheeler,' ensuring a sense of familiarity for car drivers transitioning to motorcycles. Additionally, the closed area around both wheels served to enhance aerodynamics and reduce road dirt splashes, while the adjustable seat provided a comfortable riding position.
The Rare Harley-Davidson VR1000 was a modern street legal engine known as a development result of Porsche and Harley engineers, and powered by a monstrous 135 hp Quad Cam engine. (Picture from: Silodrome)
Despite its innovative features, engineering students pointed out certain weaknesses in the design. The fender, engine, and fairing were susceptible to faltering when exposed to strong side winds, especially on the highway, where some countries permitted motorcycles to run.
However, even though the AMK concept didn't become a mass-produced reality, Porsche didn't abandon its motorcycle aspirations entirely. Few people are aware that the renowned Stuttgart-based automotive manufacturer had been working together with American motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson on the Harley-Davidson VR-1000 Superbike project since 1988, though the project ultimately came to a halt in 2001.

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