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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Porsche made weird motorcycle once

Many do not know that Porsche did make a variety of things besides the sporty four-wheeled vehicles. Various designs poured and made, ranging from shoes, furniture, to unique motorcycle. Especially, the Porsche motorcycle concept was born in 1978 under the name AMK, short for 'Alternatives Motorrad Konzept'.

Actually, the idea departs from the spirit which emerged at the beginning of the growing era of transportation by motor vehicles. Porsche AMK was intended as a two-wheeled 'crossover' vehicle for the car users.
Inside the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, the AMK Concept is displayed beside a Porsche  adjustable “Antropovarius” lounge chair. (Picture from: bit.ly/1Rd7sV3)
The upright seating position and placement of the windshield in the front make it as a 'car in the two-wheeled form' which is designed for those accustomed to driving a car, but afraid to ride a motorcycle.

Designers in the studio at Zell am See, Austria making it based on the Yamaha SR 500, a single cyclinder motorcycle concept. The closed area on both wheels seen to supporting the aerodynamics aspects as well as to reducing the road dirt splashes. Its seat also looks ergonomic, with a height that can be adjusted to provide a comfortable riding position.
The Porsche AMK concept motorcycle was unveiled in 1978, and the rider wearing a Ghillie Suit appropriate for a Mardi-gras hunting party. (Picture from: bit.ly/22OVNzv)
However, according to engineering students, this unique motorcycle design failed in some aspects. Its fender, engine and fairing might be falter if exposed to strong winds coming from the side. Moreover, if it is used on the highway, because in some countries that allow the motorcycles to run on a freeway.

Although not become a mass product, it does not mean the Porsche career has been finished on this motorcycle concept. Many do not know, if the Stuttgart-based automotive manufacturer had been developing the engine for the Harley-Davidsons VR-1000 superbike project since 1988 before the project stopped in 2001. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DEDEPORSCHE.COM]
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