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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Here's the world's oldest jeep ever made

Rare ONES A prototype of the oldest jeep formally entered into the National Historic Vehicle Register (NHVR), coinciding with Pearl Harbor Day on Monday, December 9, 2015. The jeep is meant is the Ford Pygmy GP-001.
Ford Pygmi GP-001, the world's oldest existing jeep prototype. (Picture from: Hemmings)
As reported by Hemmings, this jeep to meet three of the four criteria set by NHVR to be a historic vehicle. The criteria in question is to do with the United States historic event, dealing with a great figure, design and construction, as well as the value of the information.

According to the assessment team, with its status as a prototype, the Pygmy contribute to the design of the jeep and its role in the development of a military jeep. Moreover, according to the assessment team, the jeep is one of the main vehicles that helped the US win the war.

Yes, this jeep originally was owned by US Army during World War II. At that time, the Army claimed to need a vehicle that has the speed, lightweight but able to carry machine gun for the forefront soldiers.
Rear side view of Ford Pygmi GP-001. (Picture from: Hemmings)
After all, there are three manufacturers that send the prototypes: Bantam, Willys and Ford. Although Bantam who first made a prototype jeep, but Pygmy who still survive until today.

In fact, when compared to the other two models, the Pygmy prototypes fairly simplest. For example, the flat and very stiff front grill, while the other models have been equipped with rounded hoodlines grating. In addition, this model is also known is not the fastest or lighter than others.
After the war, only the Pygmy is the most exist. On September 1982, a jeep and then auctioned off to a man named Randy Withrow. He then handed over the world's oldest jeep to Veterans Memorial Museum in Huntsville, Alabama. Luckily, the jeep was treated so well that the condition is still maintained until now. *** [EKA [12122015] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | HEMMINGS DAILY]
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