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Monday, October 26, 2015

A unique MINI-bodied Range Rover

Sometimes, you have go deep down to the corners of cyberspace to find the sort of contraptions that are special, such as a modified car by mixing a few cars of different brands. The Frankenstein car we are discuss in here serves as a perfect example of this.
A unique MINI-bodied Range Rover. (Picture from: http://ebay.eu/1XsTf6D)
As we know, MINI is synonymous with little body, now turned into an SUV with high ground clearance and ready to be invited accross the off-road terain. This modified car is somewhat unique, because tiny MINI looks instantly changed when using the Range Rover's platform.
Right side view of MINI-bodied Range Rover. (Picture from: http://ebay.eu/1XsTf6D)
This is a Mini that uses the carmaker's Mayfair edition flavor, while the Land Rover underpinnings mean the vehicle has genuine offroading abilities. As a result, the MINI became an off-road beast. To make this kind, the chassis has been cut down in order to fit the MINI clothes of the vehicle, while the floorpan is a custom job, one that seems to have taken quite a bit of work to complete.
Rear side view of MINI-bodied Range Rover. (Picture from: http://ebay.eu/1XsTf6D)
This modification also change the machine that was carried by the car into a 3.9 liter V8 engine along with the automatic transmission. Well, for those who want to have this yellow MINI beast, the car now is being sold on Ebay. This car is expected to be sold at £7,900 or €10,980 or $12,100. Let's find out on eBay site now, before too late! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | EBAY | AUTOEVOLUTION]
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