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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

1,000 years to come, the human would be black, tall and smart

A thousand years from now, roughly what's the human form in that time? AsapSCIENCE revealed that 1,000 years to come the human form will change. The impact of global warming will be more pronounced and affect human physical. As a result, an estimated 1,000 years from now the humans have darker skin than today. Furthermore, the human body is also estimated to be higher and thinner. Therefore, the body shape like this, would be better to remove the heat from the inner-body.
Humans will be very different creatures 1,000 years from now. Climate change, artificial intelligence and genetic mutations are all set to transform our bodies in drastic ways, according to a recent video. We could for instance, develop red eyes as our DNA mutates, and have darker skin as an response to global warming. (Picture from: http://dailym.ai/1OQmK0K)
As reported by the DailyMail on Friday, October 23, 2015, human mutations in other forms will also occur that affect the color of the human eye and is expected to have unique abilities.

In addition to the features of the body has changed, the human who live in the next 1,000 years is estimated would changed in the use of language. In the next thousand years left only less than 100 language of the current language in the world, ie the 7,000 languages. The ​​superior languages are  Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, and Portuguese.

But not until 1,000 years, only in the next 30 years the scientists have even predicted that humans would be more intelligent, with many technologies are implanted into their body, such as headsets, bluetooth, and instant smartphones in the ears, and also fingers have a chip plate to facilitate their work. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SORUCES | DAILYMAIL]
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