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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ferrari F12 Singapore Edition

After some time ago we wrote an article contains a story about the Roll-Royce presents a special car in commemoration of Singapore's 50th independence. Well, this time the turn of Ferrari who also unveiled a special edition car to celebrate Singapore's independence.
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta SG50. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1EBx2sq)
Specifically, the model given a is a special edition frills named 'Ferrari F12 Berlinetta SG50'. Inspired by the country, Ferrari adding a stripping red and white like the flag of Singapore. Spoiler on the front bumper, door sills and rear bumper painted gray, and this special edition, its special red paint named 'Rosso Singapore'.
Dashboard and interior view of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta SG50. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1EBx2sq)
In the interior, tailor made already provide personalized to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta SG50. Specially designed racing seat with 'Merlion' logo in the headrest, following its panels colored with Rosso Singapore. This Ferrari is not just any car, there's a plaque with wording 'Singapore 50th Anniversary Edition 1/1'. So obviously this car is only made 1 units.
A plaque with the wordings 'Singapore 50th Anniversary Edition 1/1' is placed on the lower rim of the steering wheel and the inner doorsills. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1JhfUxB)
Rear side view of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta SG50. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1EBx2sq)
For the engine, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta SG50 uses a 6,200 cc V12 engine, that capable of spewing power up to 730 hp and torque of 690 Nm, enough for a maximum speed of 211 mph and acceleration from zero to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. But Ferrari did not say about the price and who has offered to buy this special car. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | EXTRAVAGANZI]
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