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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

An old pickup was transformed into a rat-rod

A 1947 Chevy old car modified and transformed into half rat-rod and half racecar. After receiving a wanton touch, the 1947 pickup was suddenly become public attention.

If seen to what was changed, of course you will be made your eyes open wide, in which the modification touch applies both its exterior appearance, interior until its engine section.
1947 Chevrolet rat-rod. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1SUMqGQ)
As quoted of the Boldride on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, a car with a capacity of two passengers was changed, the lunacy of the rat rod begins at the front. The truck’s builder took a previously chopped Chevrolet pickup cab, grafted it onto a 1995 Chevrolet S10 chassis, and sanded the body down to bare metal
Right side view of 1947 Chevrolet rat-rod. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1SUMqGQ)
Later, the car was added to the wing at the rear, as well as shockbreaker modifications. As a result, the shape of this car looks much different from its original form.
Rear side view of 1947 Chevrolet rat-rod. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1SUMqGQ)
To support the performance, also installed with four large racing tires. Then its drive train uses a 5.3 liter V8 Chevrolet Tahoe engine that equipped with a Turbo 400 automatic transmission, which is able to drive a car to the maximum performance.

With the changes in all components of the car, not seen that the car was an old pickup. In addition, this car also declared ready to follow the race later. Unfortunately, no mention of how much it costs to be a modification of an old pickup truck into a racing car. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BOLDRIDE]
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