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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Big block Chevy powered Smart ForTwo

Limits for modification is difficult to determine. Especially when watching a video uploaded to Youtube by Keith Pufahl. A video recording duration of 1 minute 16 seconds it displays a total creations on the Smart ForTwo with the orientation of the drag race purposed.

Operations are conducted may be a bit "too far", because the Smart ForTwo was born with environmentally friendly concepts. Its exterior design that makes the body curvature almost no angle, were made to prioritize aerodynamics. While the technology in smaller engines for fuel efficiency.
Smart ForTwo gets big-block Chevy V8 engine. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1ENV6XV)
But that has done much different this time even categorized as extreme. Explained, the position of the previous machine behind now pinned in the front of car. Can be seen from the end of the exhaust which is behind the front tire. The monster power comes from the "big block" Chevrolet V8 engine. Compensate for the change, the car's chassis costomized overhauled in order to become more stronger.
As quoted from Road and Track that published a picture of this Smart ForTwo in "naked" condition. From there visible, the protective frame to protect driver who are in the middle of the car. Smart body role only be "clothes", so it can immediately be removed when not needed.
This video taken during testing in No Limit Raceway in Morocco, Indiana, United States. The time record is still not good, because it continued development. The new record is 12.2 seconds solved on a 402 m straight track. The target in under 10 seconds. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ROAD AND TRACK]
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