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Friday, November 10, 2023

Honda CB350 Makeover: The Red Revolution by Pacific Motorcycle Co.

Good IDEA - Looking for inspiration to revamp your old motorcyle? Look no further than the 'Red Rocker,' a custom motorcycle masterpiece born from the creative mind of Ron Smith at The Pacific Motorcycle Co. This 1974 Honda CB350 underwent a transformation that sets it apart from the typical café racer modifications on the streets.
1974 Honda CB350 Custom 'Red Rocker' by The Pacific Motorcycles Co. (Picture from: Pinterest)
The vision for the 'Red Rocker' stemmed from a desire for dominance in red, inspired by the iconic 1950s Chevy Corvette. The distinctive wings and doors of the Corvette left a lasting impression, influencing the unique design of this Honda CB350. The result is a motorcycle that stands out with a bold and cohesive red theme.
Red color dominated on the Lossa clubman handlebar, speedometer and tachometer of 1974 Honda CB350 Custom Red Rocker. (Picture from: Pinterest)
https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEg7pa-GO38SU-1u4obmV-8hV7zW8J3fVSJ5mXNu99br5VraQzH6ICE6I16g5inx8JfMG6MBBTvzTwtkP4_EgRYlLj8NK89wIfiPFaQthu7GPFiXsAjS_AQkt22mchhUd8M7SttCfhdan4k/s1600/Cafe-racer2.jpgThe first step in this modification journey involved reshaping the chassis and redesigning the gas tank. The fuel container was expertly cut into two parts and extended by 6 inches. To enhance the visual appeal, additional steel panels were added to the sides, drawing inspiration from the classic Corvette Stingray. Despite the tank extension, the fuel capacity remains unchanged, cleverly utilizing the extra space as a housing for the lithium battery.
1974 Honda CB350 Custom Red Rocker's extended custom fuel tank. (Picture from: Pinterest)
Embracing the chosen red theme, Pacific Motorcycle Co. meticulously applied the vibrant color to every aspect of the Honda CB350. From the frame and engine block to the swing arm, front fender, headlights housing, Lossa clubman handlebar, and the leather-wrapped seat—red reigns supreme. To balance the boldness, touches of white on the tank sides and chrome accents in strategic areas, such as the Rolland Sands Design front fork, taillights ring, Topliss Brother Engineering handlebar clamp, chain cover, and exhaust heat shield, add sophistication.
Rear right side view of 1974 Honda CB350 Custom 'Red Rocker' by The Pacific Motorcycles Co. (Picture from: Pinterest)
Under the hood, the engine received significant upgrades, including a bore-up to accommodate CB750 pistons. Ground camshafts underwent changes, and port & polishing further enhanced performance. Amidst these modifications, the only remnants of the original CB350 are the speedometer and tachometer. However, even these components received a touch of red with the Pacific logo, seamlessly integrating them into the overall aesthetic.
Rear view of 1974 Honda CB350 Custom 'Red Rocker' by The Pacific Motorcycles Co. (Picture from: Pinterest)
In conclusion, the 'Red Rocker' serves as a testament to the endless possibilities of motorcycle customization. Whether your ride is tucked away in the garage or begging for a fresh look, let this stunning CB350 be the catalyst for your next modification project. Let your imagination run wild, and turn your motorcycle into a unique expression of your style on the open road.

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