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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Meet this unique DunBee

Ahead of the Dakar Rally (DR) 2015, as is usually the participants will bring new and sophisticated vehicles to be used in the event. However, one participant named Stéphane Henrard even bring the Volkswagen Beetle named DunBee. The name DunBee came from the words "Dunes" and "Beetle", and the car itself from months of hard work.
Stéphane Henrard's DunBee. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/178zvjS)
Changes were made quite extreme, because the VW Beetle ('VW Kodok' is the term of this car in Indonesia) has been performed with the tougher legs. As it is known that the history of the creation of this 'Iron Frog', one of them to devour the African desert. But not necessarily able to devour the South American desert, which has a different characters. So Henrard doing extreme changes and a bit of force the car's performance, only to make his car to reach the finish line.

"This car made its debut in the Africa race. Although never achieve the best results at the time, but now I am very confident that the car has been very mature to achieve the best results. This car also has proven its performance in several test sessions and will be ready to prove its performance in the Dakar Rally 2015, "said Henrard with optimism.
As an illustration, this car has been following the local competition and was able to finish in the top 10 in several stages. This means that there are real targets that can he pairs before competing in the Dakar Rally 2015.
Stéphane Henrard's DunBee on action. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/178zvjS)
"The main target is able to reach the finish line. Fortunately, this car has a body that is not so large, agile, and looks cute. But many cars that have the ability to do that. But this type of car driving so proud. I think everyone wants try it, "said Henrard.

There are no detailed specifications about the changes made by Henrard. But He is very confident in that way he will get nice results in that competition. Well, we'll wait and see, right! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTO123.COM]
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