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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jaguar E-Type Lightweight is ready to 'Reborn'

As one of the iconic British sports car, the Jaguar E-Type continues to have its own place in the eyes of Jaguar Enthusiast, and lovers of classic cars from the UK. And to make the Jaguar Enthusiast smiling broadly, Jaguar ready to revive 6 units of Jaguar E-Type Lightweight which will be released on this summer.
Jaguar E-Type Lightweight. (Picture from: TopSpeed)
In 1963 Jaguar had made innovations 'Special GT E-Type Cars' which uses aluminum material. Of the 18 units planned to be produced​​, only 12 units are up to the production line and present in the streets. And now, turn 6 units which have not been in the production that will be revived by Jaguar.

The process of production of the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight 're-born' will be performed by the Jaguar factory team in Coventy, England, with handmade workmanship to obtain precise details. This car uses the exact same engine specs as its predecessor, the 3.8 liter Straight-Six.
Front view of Jaguar E-Type Lightweight. (Picture from: TopSpeed)
The difference with the E-Type Lightweight that already circulating before is on the bumper and the reduction of a number of accessories. Removal of accessories that reduce the weight of the car up to 114 kilograms.
Right side view of Jaguar E-Type Lightweight. (Picture from: TopSpeed)
Although it would appear with classic features, Jaguar ready to meet consumer demand to build it into a car that is more appropriate for use in modern times. Consumers will be able to add a variety of modifications on the car.
Rear view of Jaguar E-Type Lightweight. (Picture from: TopSpeed)
Until now, the Jaguars did not disclose how the funds are to be disbursed to have one of these iconic British sportscars. But, at least you can record your calendar from now on. Because at this summer, Jaguar E-Type Lightweight is ready to 'Reborn.' *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | TOPSPEED ]
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