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Friday, October 28, 2022

One of the rarest post-WWII American luxury cars

Rare ONES Now we're on discussing one of the old-school 1940s cars that has a quite unique shape with current existence was very rare, and the car in question is the Tucker 48. In its heyday that's the most sophisticated car, and developed by Tucker Corporation ranging from 1946 to 1948. 
Front three-quarter of Tucker 48. (Picture from: Autoevolution)
Its designs had becoming the most innovative in the 1940s, and dubbed as the Car of Tomorrow that is very concerned about safety factors. It was because the Tucker 48 was the first car that has the features of safety belt, safety windshield, and Cyclops (the car lights system shifted the direction to improve driving visibility at night).
Front view of Tucker 48. (Picture from: Autoevolution)
But before it could be properly produced, the company founded by Preston Thomas Tucker caught in a complicated legal problems, as a result of the controversial stock fraud allegations in March 1949, the company also got public's negative reactions and criticism, so led to the company shutting down in early of the 1950s. According to records, only 51 units of the Tucker 48 sedans ever made before the automaker shuted down for good. 
Right side view of Tucker 48. (Picture from: Autoevolution)
By design, the Tucker 48 can be said to be very attractive. This model has a very low profile and aerodynamics coupled with large sports doors extend to the roof for easy entry and exit of the car. Next as you can see, the Tucker 48 is powered by a rear-mounted 335 c.i. (5,5-liter) OHV boxer-6 (horizontally opposed) engine.
Interior view of Tucker 48. (Picture from: Autoevolution)
The drivetrain mentioned above is mated to a four-speed pre-selector transmission system and transfersed as much as 166 horsepower via the rear axle to drive its rear wheels. But the best mechanical features of the 48 is its all-around independent suspension with rubber torsion tubes instead of conventional steel springs as ones pinned of the general car at the time.
The Tucker 48 is powered by a rear-mounted 335 c.i. (5,5-liter) 166 horsepower OHV boxer-6 (horizontally opposed) engine. (Picture from: Autoevolution)
As we're mentioned before the Tucker 48 features a padded dashboard, shatterproof windshield, front crash compartment and a parking brake grip with lock to prevent theft and a center-mounted third headlight that would turn with the front wheels. Also, each wheel was fitted with power disc brakes and the luxury sedan incorporated a curious safety feature in the era when safety belts weren't even mandatory.
Rear three-quarter of Tucker 48. (Picture from: Autoevolution)
Uniquely, the Tucker 48 is often referred to as the Tucker Torpedo. However, the Torpedo was actually a prototype, and the name was never used for the production model, which was officially called the "Tucker 48". For your info, finally the Tucker Torpedo prototype was launched by Rob Ida alongside Preston Tucker's descendants in 2014, after more than 70 years only appearing in the form of pictures.
As quoted of Wikipedia, the Tucker 48 in pictured we're talking is just one of the 51 units ever built under the chassis number of #1036. On August 15, 2014, it has sold for $1,567,500 at RM Sotheby's Auction in Monterey. And today of course the Tucker 48 price will continue to rise and will probably surpass the 3 million dollar mark. Wow! *** [EKA [08072014] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOEVOLUTION | WIKIPEDIA ]
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