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Friday, April 11, 2014

Toyo-HOG up for auction

Online auction site like e-Bay sometimes often make something unusual, one of them a Toyoya Prius cars auctioned by someone who successfully overhauled the engine of a Toyota Prius with the engine of Harley Davidson V-Twin Power.
Toyo-HOG on 24 Hours of LeMons. (Picture from: http://blog.caranddriver.com/)
Harley-engined car itself has been tested in 24 Hours of LeMons race, which is a parody to the famous car endurance racing, 24 Hours of LeMans. The car itself was named Toyo-HOG, which means Toyota and HOG aka Harley owners Group or Toyo-Hog, an ugly and weird looking a Toyota Prius with Harley-Davidson engine
Vehicles like Dr. Frankenstein's experimental results which coming with removal the 2008 Toyota Prius engine and then replaced with the engine of a 1986 Harley Sportster 883. Its cylinder capacity was overclock to 1,100 cc with the combination of several parts HD motorcycle, including a cylinder head with the piston of 1994 Sportster 1,200 cc.

And the transmission is also modified into a 5-speed. With the power from left engine to front wheels using the Prius chain differentiaal which was previously been modified. In terms of appearance, this car looks very weird and disheveled, where no lights are installed, and then the front hood of the car has been perforated to make a typical two-cylinder engine Harley-Davidson pops up.
Body that looks tilted like after a collision, but the car owner claim that the car never been crashing. This vehicle was auctioned on e-Bay with a bid that starts with U.S. $ 500 (or equivalent to Rp. 6 million), and until this news was published the bid for this car has reached U.S. $ 1,525 (equivalent to Rp. 17 million) with a total 19 bidders. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DAMNGEEKY] | 24 HOURS OF LEMONS]
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