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Friday, April 11, 2014

B-Rocket motorcycle concept

In modifying a motorcycle, sometimes ideas or inspiration can come from anywhere. Even more amazing is the aeroplane shape can also be applied to modify a motorcycle.
Bell & Ross B-Rocket bike concept by Shaw Speed and Custom. (Picture from: http://www.damngeeky.com/)
As well as that done by one of the leading modifier as well as the authorized agent of Harley Davidson in the UK called Shaw Speed and Custom. The company was able to make a Harley Davidson motorcycle concept with the inspiration of 1960s rocket plane for a famous watch company, Bell & Ross.

Motorcycle named with the B-Rocket inspired by the 1960s rocket plane making it look so streamlined and aerodynamic so it reflects the character of Bell & Ross, as reported by BBC on Monday, April 7, 2014.
Front and rear view of Bell & Ross B-Rocket bike concept. (Picture from: http://mikeshouts.com/)
The entire body of B-Rocket motorcycle concept using aluminum materials and the the front and rear brakes have been using 10 inches disc brakes. Besides that on the rear fenders also look very big. But unfortunately B-Rocket motorcycle engine that uses Harley Davidson V-twin does not contain a turbine jet, but despite that the machine used is already contained the air intake on the right side while on the left side of engine had been available oil cooling system.
The motorcycle concept will be exhibited at the prestigious Basel World Watch and Jewellery which held on this month in Switzerland. For those of you who are very curious about this motorcycle concept, be prepared to attend the event and get the latest information B-Rocket motorcycle directly. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SHAW SPEED AND CUSTOM | BBC | DAMNGEEKY]
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