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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Romania's Unique Growing Rocks

Trovants are the unique and strange rock that has a spherical, elliptical, or resembling a figure of 8, vary in size from a few centimeters to few meters. Remarkably, it seemed to 'alive', it continues to grow while rain, even can move from one place to another without assistance.
Trovants, the unique and strange rocks that could be growing. (Picture from: http://www.odditycentral.com/)
However, trovant nothing to do with any science fiction story, there was no association with extraterrestrials beings. Rather amazing geological phenomenon. The rocks were found in Costesti village in Romania. The 'Trovan' word is a synonym of the German term "Sandsteinkonkretionen" - which means 'cemented sand'.

As published Oddity Central, on December 30, 2013, the trovant is a form of sand balls that appeared on Earth after a strong seismic activity. From the Tertiary period about 6 million years ago.
Trovants have a strong stone core but their shells are made of sand. (Picture from: http://www.2tout2rien.fr/)
Trovant 'grow' when in contact with water. Small rock can be only 6-8 millimeters and could be grow up to 6-10 meters. Some of them could even move itself. When cut, the inside of the trovan showing circular growth rings - similar to the inside of the tree trunk. That's why they are called 'rocks grow'.

There are a number of theories about trovant: scientific or otherwise, is fantastic - which explains the trovant's origins and oddities. The scientists even be confused by it. Most of them believe, under the shell, the rocks contain minerals tinggu. When the surface is wet, the minerals spread, and force the sand growing.
However, that's only the theory. So far there has been no research or experimental scientist who ever done on that 'magic' rocks. Trovant rocks are now the main attraction at the Museum Trovanti, covering an open-air museum with the area of ​​1.1 hectare in Romania and protected by UNESCO. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ODDITY CENTRAL]
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