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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sophisticated Limo Concept from Bandung

An automotive modification house from Bandung - Indonesia whose known as the subscription of modification contest winner, Signal Kustom Built spawn again an advanced concept car which called the MAX-R Concept. In the concept car, Signal Kustom Built has made collaboration with various renowned automotive brands such as Pioneer, Autovision, V-Kool, TOP-1, AlterPro, Automobile Bandung, Wollsdorf Leather, Stigma and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia / LIPI).

Signal Kustom Built combines a high art with high technology in their super sports limousines. On the front fascia of this car is so similar to the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. If Veneno which have a headlamp on the front side, so on the Max-R concept put in the middle. It used HID and LED lamps which is a product of Autovision. Consequently the resulting beam spotlight reflect a very keen eyes.
MAX-R Limo concept car by Signal Kustom Built. (Picture from: http://autos.okezone.com/)
For the exterior, the car body has length of nearly 10 meters is full with realist graphic scratches of airbrush art. It also apply the multi layer clear coating techniques that makes 43 color strokes attached to the exterior to be so dramatic.
MAX-R Limo hood with the picture of the bird is flapping its wings, which combined with the flames(Picture from: http://mobil.sportku.com/)
While its engine, The limo concept uses the Opel Blazer's 2JZ engine VVTi type with twin turbo application which has a great dimension to spray out much greater power and torque. On the hood, there is picture of bird is flapping its wings, which combined with the flames so that makes this car attracted. The sport character much stronger while it uses thin profile tires which was wrap in large patterned carbon wheels.
Interior view of MAX-R limo concept. (Picture from: http://modifikasiplus.com/)
While the interior sector, there are VVIP shades felt with leather on the electrical seats, combined with the latest gadgets devices based on Android and iOS, these devices provide convenience and pamper its passengers. To order all the features in the car use LED touch screen applications (one of the concepts that have not been applied in any concept car).
MAX-R limo concept has a seat design resembles a first class airplane seat. (Picture from: http://modifikasiplus.com/)
The cabin can be modified multifunctional nuance, with seats, trim and other parts of the Wollsdorf premium leather seats that blends nicely with a set of car entertaintment and audio system, they are arranged beautifully without disturbing the movement of passengers inside. One thing that makes this car unique because it has a seat design resembles a first class airplane seat.
Rear-left side view of MAX-R limo concept. (Picture from: http://modifikasi.bosmobil.com/)
"MAX-R is an out of the box custom car. Many sophisticated technologies applied in MAX-R, which is not only supported in terms of show car but also able to function properly, in terms of performance, comfort and safety, supported by variety of features that emphasize lifestyle," said Andre Mulyadi, the concept car creator in a press confrence. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SIGNAL KUSTOM BUILT | BLACKEXPERIENCE.COM | OKEZONE AUTO]
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