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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The First Indonesian President's cars (Part-1)

Ir. Soekarno, The first President
of Republic of Indonesia. (Picture from: 
Ir. Sukarno is known as the First President of Republic of Indonesia, as well as founding father who was born June 6, 1901 and died June 21, 1970.

Speaking about the founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia, is never-ending. Bung Karno turned out to have quite a story attached to the automotive world.

In the struggle era of the Indonesian independence, and then when he became the first Indonesian president, Soekarno called use the 1938 Buick-8.

The First Indonesian President on his presidential car(Picture from: http://www.merdeka.com/)
In addition, there are some vehicles that have been used by him. Here we summarize the first 5 from 10 cars that have been used by Bung Karno:

10. 1964 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood Limousine
This car is equally as good with. Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood that General Motors manufactured between the years of 1946 to 1964 with a full-size luxury class, 4-door body style, D-body platform, a 346 cubic-inch in V8 monobloc engine, whellbase 127 which is still nothing to do with Cadillac Series 60.

Cadillac is renowned as one of the luxurious automotive manufacturers of such Cadillac DeVille Touring limousine is being used President Barack Obama today. The body of Cadillac 75 extends to the rear like a car of the 1960s generation that appears simple, it's just that the Cadillac 75 offers a thin fin that starts from the "His Majesty" back door.

1964 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood Limousine. (Picture from: http://batam.tribunnews.com/)
With the full front grille as well as distinctively, this Cadillac car has two pairs of small headlight that extends up the side. The roof of Cadillac 75 is very unique with a little spiked nut extends over the rear window is made ​​smaller with 'landau' nuanced.

9. 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown
This 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown is one of the rarest products of Chrysler's ongoing battle wîth Cadillac for American ultra-luxury supremacy.

These cars were very expensive when new and a mere 531 were produced total. This car is arguably one of the most spectacular Crown Imperial Convertible in existence.

The Imperial was designed by Virgil Exner and hailed by Chrysler as 'The Finest Car America Has Yet Produced.' A very bold statement considering some of the masterpieces produced from Packard, Cadillac, and countless others.

President Soekarno's 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown. (Picture from: http://www.suryaonline.co/)
This was the Chryslers first vehicle to have a wraparound windshield. Produced in limited numbers, only 11,430 examples were created in 1955. This was Chryslers interpretation of a true luxury automobile.

Side view of 1963 Chrysler Imperial Crown. (Picture from: http://www.suryaonline.co/)
The long, stylish front hood hid a giant 392 cubic inch Hemi V8 engine version that capable producing of 325 horsepower with 3 speed automatic transmission. This car also has a length of 5,786 mm, 2,075 mm of width and 1,443 mm of high pick as well.

8. 1959 Chaika GAZ 13
This Russian car that was once used by President Soekarno ie 1959 Chaika GAZ 13. This is a gift of his 60th birthday on June 6, 1961 from the Soviet Union Prime Minister, Nikita Khrushchev.

The Chaika limousine in solid black color is made exactly same to the specifications of the official car belonging Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev and the one that is outside Russia. At that time the car is using the license plate number B-1 (with red base color). It was the first B-1 is used in addition to Indonesia-1, RI-1, or REP-1 that already use before.
1959 Chaika GAZ 13. (Picture from: http://m.otosia.com/)
This Chaika GAZ 13 classic car is equipped with M13 5.5 L V8 engine that can generate power of 195 hp. Also equipped with a 3-speed automatic transmission.

7. 1958 Zil 111
Zil 111 cars is one car that was once owned by the Bung Karno. The Russian-made car  successfully passed the tests with a ZIL 111 - Moskva prototype in 1956 and then was first introduced to the public in 1958.
1958 Zil 111. (Picture from: http://bukucatatan-part1.blogspot.com/)
This Russian car is equipped with a 6L V8 engine that can generate power of 200 hp to transfered the engine power using a PowerLite automatic transmission with a top speed of 170 kph. This sedan type vehicle also became ZIL automobile production base with the next version release of the 111 A, 111 V, 111 G and 111 D.

6. 1955 Chrysler Imperial 
The Chrysler Imperial owned by President Soekarno was made by ​​Chrysler in 1955 and it is a gift given by King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia. This limousine type car has 4 doors. With a 5.4 liter Hemi V8 engine that is brought by the car that capable of spraying power up to 250 horsepower (209 kW).

This car also includes 'modern car' which has been complemented by a number of technologies that have advanced at that time. For example, this Imperial on first production is already successfully applying automatic transmission when it is in fact still rarely used.
The historical car evidence of the 'Cikini event' on November 30, 1957. (Picture from: http://bonoaksa.wordpress.com/)
A total of 7,840 units for the Imperial four-door sedan models that have been built in 1955. And while the Newport hardtop version of the two-door coupe produced only 3,418 units. Now this car is kept in Gedung Joang 45 Museum, Menteng street no. 31, Jakarta with some other cars.

Front view of President Soekarno's 1955 Chrysler Imperial 4-door sedan. (Picture from: http://beritafotojakarta.files.wordpress.com/)
The historical car which have a plate number B 9105, there are defects on the car i.e on its left fender and rear glass. Until now, these defects are preserved as historical evidence of the 'Cikini event' that occured on November 30, 1957, when President Soekarno pick up his children who attend school at Cikini Colleges (Perguruan Cikini) and then the car was thrown with a grenade by unknown person. President Soekarno and his children survived from the grenade blast but several peoples were killed and wounded. (Jump to next part.) *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | RESA HIDAYAT NP | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 14062013]
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