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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Egoista concept for the Loneliness driver

Selfish ONES Controversial, that's the right word to describe how Lamborghini Automobili's effort to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the launch of this unique concept car back in the 2013. According to the Sant'Agata Bolognese based automaker, the debut moment of the Lamborghini Egoista concept car on those weekend was "emotional."
The Egoista debuts to celebrate Lamborghini's 50th anniversary. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
What specific emotions were involved is left to our imaginations, and shock, disbelief, anger, and maybe a tad of abandonment and rage on the part of onlookers comes to mind. Just two months after showing the Veneno (it could be say as the most extreme in its history), where Lamborghini push the boundaries even further.
Lamborghini compares the front to a trimaran. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
The surprise Egoista concept is even more out there in design. Even without translating "egoista" from Italian to English (means "selfish"), the name conveys a certain sense of hubris and self indulgence, as in "whoever drives this assault on the pupils must be dominated by ego." To emphasize the selfishness meaning, because the car features a tiny cockpit that could occupied by one person as the driver only.
The Egoista uses a body and rims made from special anti-radar material and anti-glare glass with an orange gradation. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
Making its debut in celebration of the 50th Lamborghini anniversary, which makes Egoista looks like the radical work of creative design student. But it's actually a sort of birthday "gift" of the Volkswagen Group (Lamborghini's parent company), through the company's chief of design,
Walter de Silva whose led the team to create this radical concept car.
The Egoista's single-person cockpit. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
De Silva explained the self-indulgent Egoista demographic further, "This is a car made for one person only, to allow them to have fun and express their personality to the maximum. It is designed purely for hyper-sophisticated people who want only the most extreme and special things in the world. It represents hedonism taken to the extreme, it is a car without compromises, in a word: egoista."
Selfishness gets tangible. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
This concept car looks so extreme. Starting from the interior are made as closely as possible with the fighter jet cockpit. Even to get out of the car, the driver had to get out of the top like a real fighter jet exit.
The Egoista's open rear-end reduces weight and gives an aggressive look. (Picture from: NewAtlas)
The cockpit, made completely of carbon fiber and aluminum, represents a sort of survival cell, allowing the driver to isolate and protect themselves from external elements. Then the exterior design certainly looks like the most extreme car concept that makes a lot of people say this concept car is similar to the Batmobile when it was painted entirely black.
By using the same engine as the Gallardo, the V10 engine has a capacity of 5.2 liters and can generate power of 600 hp. Not only selfish in the design, even the car can not be driven at any time. This car can only be driven by a limited circle. Anyone who wants to drive this concept should be part of an exclusive club that might be too far to reach by most of us.
The Egoista's future was narrow and takes its inherent selfishness even further, due to it was some a kind of gift for Lamborghini from Lamborghini, and the gift-giver/recipient has no plans of selling the one-of-a-kind car. It will remain a part of Lambo's own collection, no matter how many self-absorbed megalomaniacs one-up each other with crazy bids to buy it. *** [EKA [21052013]  | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LAMBORGHINI | NEWATLAS ]
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