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Monday, June 20, 2022

Future Motorcycle Inspired with Biplane Sensation

Unique ONES From the many products that have been produced by Suzuki Motor Corporation that sold in the global motorcycle market, almost all of them always departed from concepts that are created and developed by their creative motorcycle designers. Indeed, this concept motorcycle design has been launched long time ago by those famous Japanese manufacturers.
Front left side view of Suzuki Biplane concept. (Picture from: Diginfo.tv/)
But in our opinion, this concept motorcycle design was carrying fully futuristic design that inspired by the historical biplane also featuring with commonly-used advanced technology today, so making them feasible to re-discussed here.
Front right side view of Suzuki Biplane concept. (Picture from: EnoAnderson)
The Suzuki Biplane was revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show along with its hydrogen-powered sibling Suzuki Crosscage comcept. It is a concept motorbike inspired by Biplanes. Rather an unusual source of inspiration, the design uses colors similar to the canvas often found on older aircraft, and the lack of any wind protection would also leave the rider exposed to the elements - similar to the pilot of an open-top aircraft.
The instrument panels put on the Suzuki Biplane tank surface. (Picture from: EnoAnderson)
This futuristic Suzuki Biplane concept powered by a semi-exposed 1,000 cc, V4, 4-stroke, liquid cooled, DOHC engine, and driving through a CVT transmission. This bike is inspired by the classic Wright Brothers biplane. It is a sleek looking model with 2,166 mm length, 645 mm width, 906 mm height.
Left side view of Suzuki Biplane concept. (Picture from: BikeAdvice)
The Suzuki Biplane concept uses a girder-type front end, similar to that found on the Confederate Wraith, for steering and front suspension. The partly covered rear wheel and flush seat-to-tank design is similar to those found on the 1986 Suzuki Nuda concept bike.
Rear left side view of Suzuki Biplane concept. (Picture from: EnoAnderson)
The heads of the cylinders and exhaust system remind the elements of airplane’s design. The link-type rear suspension is located below the futuristic seat, the instrument panels put on the the surface of the tank. The bike stops with the help of rim mounted disk brakes on the front and the rear wheels.
This is just a concept bike and there are no plans for commercialization as of yet. No doubt Suzuki Biplane creates the new image of future motorcycle and conquers the minds and imagination of the motorcycle enthusiasts.

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