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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Today SUV World trend

One by one the world's car manufacturers began to produce and market a variant Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). In fact, car manufacturers were not concerned with the existence of variants of SUV, is now getting ready to make this variant car and marketed in 2 to 3 years.

SUV it is becoming a trend, even excellent auto sales globally sought-after consumers. Currently SUV is one form of a revolution in the field of automotive design.

After Bentley, and Lamborghini announced their plans into the SUV segment, is now ready to launch the Fiat Group announced a new SUV-wear brand Alfa Romeo. So far, Alfa Romeo better known as an Italian automobile manufacturer, which came into existence back in 1910. Having created a niche for itself in the subsequent decades, it was later on, in 1986 that Alfa Romeo joined the Fiat Group of cars.

The plan, SUV with Alfa Romeo brand went on sale in 2015. For technology, relying on Dodge Dart and will be assembled at the Fiat Mirafiori factory, in Turin. With the presence of this new model, Alfa Romeo expected sales could triple by 2016. According to the manufacturer, they are planning to power this SUV with the help of a V6 engine. Alfa Romeo has plans to make this SUV a sister model to the next generation automobiles of Chrysler 300C.
2014 Alfa Romeo SUV (artist's rendering). (Picture from: http://www.caranddriver.com/)
Fiat boss, Sergio Marchionne is also eager to end bad sales and losses in Europe by setting up 16 new models from the factory in Italy, starting 2016. "Alpha was the only brand that can boost profits for the group and became Apple in the car industry. We just need to create products equivalent to the iPhone," said Roberto Ferrari, the owner of Fiat di Sprintauto dealership, near Milan.

Can be understood if the current SUV is equivalent to the iPhone that is being widely sought people in various parts of the world. This is because the SUV is suitable to be walked on broken roads and smooth. Moreover, the design is now transformed, no longer rigid, but was dynamic with the beautiful curve of the line. Going forward, the next model is rumored to be called 6C or Montreal. The brand promises its fans that it will come out with an SUV, which has the best of both worlds, namely the versatility of SUVs and the performance of all Alfa Romeo cars. If Alfa Romeo manages to pull this one off then it would gain tremendous success because it is a good concept.

The yet-unnamed Alfa Romeo SUV has already managed to win the hearts of many car lovers during its test drives on the streets of Los Angeles. The body of the car looks exactly like an Alfa Giulietta body, but the front of the car appears to feature a Jeep grille. This SUV will be manufactured as a result of the alliance between Chrysler Group LLC and the Fiat Group and the manufacturer plans to transform it into a global model, in the sense that it would be available for sale in the United States as well as Europe. If there would be a demand for the SUV in Asia then Alfa Romeo might just introduce it in other continents too.

Once born, the SUV of Alfa Romeo was immediately confronted with the German brands such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. BMW already has four SUV and currently developing a new model X4, Mercedes is also preparing a compact SUV. In fact, also be faced Lamborghini and Bentley that are also preparing SUV variant.

Not only Italian manufacturer, but the U.S. car manufacturer, Ford also has a desire to change the paradigm of SUV design. The result is the Ford Kuga sold in Europe this year by offering eye catching design, the typical sport sedan.

Ford Kuga will be marketed in Australia. Cars Compact 5-door SUV will go into the ranks of Ford Australia since March 2012. Ford Kuga is available in 2 versions, Trend and Titanium. Ford has not announced the price of both types, but the price offered for the more expensive Titanium from Trend.
2014 Ford Kuga. (Picture from: http://burnyourfuel.com/)
In this car attached Duratec 5-cylinder turbo engine that can generate power 147 kW and 320 Nm of torque. 5 speed automatic transmission, plus the all-wheel-drive attached to distribute power to all wheels. Gasoline consumption Kuga 9.71 km / liter. Kuga front suspension adheres Mac-Pherson Strut and Control Blade Multilink for rear suspension.
Interior view of 2014 Ford Kuga. (Picture from: http://www.theautomotiveindia.com/)
Kuga managed to collect the good assay results from Euro NCAP and ANCAP with 5 stars. Ford Kuga has a number of safety systems features such as ABS brakes, ABS, airbags, DSC. So the car is becoming more stable and safe to drive. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 01022013]
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