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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Slick Combination of Big American engine With European Lightweight chassis

It has been almost seven years since it was first introduced Wakan 1640, Wakan Motorcycles was not heard. Apparently, the company is not disappear, even now reborn with a new brand and logo. Their new name was Avinton Motorcycles, based in Sommieres, France.

Beside new brand and logo, their todays comeback also bring new strategy, no big promotion like Wakan did before, but Avinton looking for the potential exclusive consumers in cooperation with distributors or importers in various countries, from the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, to the Middle East.

The first phase, there are four models offered, the Avinton Collector GT, Collector Race, Collector Roadster and Avinton Cult. Especially for Avinton Cult offered with specifications can be ordered according to the wishes of the customer.
Avinton Collector GT. (Picture from: http://www.avinton.fr/)
Nevertheless, the four models above uses V-Twin engine S & S 1,640 cc, with the American character, that is big and strong. The machine was tested and was able to exert maximum power 120 PS @ 5,750 rpm and torque of 165 Nm @ 4,250 rpm. The gearbox developed by Avinton collaboration with Andrews. All the weight of the vehicle is supported by the chassis that made from compact lightweight pipe, which are characteristic of European motorcycles.
Avinton Collector Race. (Picture from: http://www.avinton.fr/)
For model design, Avinton Motorcycles make its bike different from others. With a sporty look and a little dip toward the front, which is claimed to provide a reasonably comfortable sitting position. With the round tank model, there is an air inlet on top that is not found on the other bikes.
Avinton Collector Roadster. (Picture from: http://www.avinton.fr/)
For convenience, the shock absorbers are supplied from two major brands: for the front shock absorbers adjustable height, from Ceriani while the rear monoshock from Sachs. No less interesting, is all-digital instrument panel. The whole models are sold start from, 45,000 U.S. dollars (or Rp. 436 million). *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AVINTON MOTORCYCLES | MOTORCYCLE.COM | THEKNEESLIDER]
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