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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Facebookers Creation Cars List

The high access of Facebook social networks make global automotive industry to use it as a means to give a name or even a means of their vehicle-related products.

World automotive industry is trying to get closer to their customers by leveraging Facebook. Many car makers using Facebook to showcase pieces of their new car designs. Ford, for example, utilize social media to be one means of introducing variants sport utility vehicle (SUV) new Explorer. There's even a car company that interacts with Facebook users to find out the latest automotive tastes that consumers want.

Based on the records of the CarBuzz site there are five cars products that get the most input advice on Facebook, which is:

Ford switched to the accessor up to get the right name for their new products sport sedan 2012 Mustang. The result is that 4 million fans who enthusiastically picked up the new name.

The result of the proposed Ford chose the name Jeremy Marier of North Carolina. Ford finally released the name of the Ford Mustang Mayhem.
Ford Mustang Mayhem.(Picture from: http://mustangsdaily.com/)
As a prize, Jeremy Marier can use this Mustang for free in three years. In this car installed V6 engine that produces 305 hp maximum power. Ford Mustang Mayhem is a special edition which features a sports character accessories, such as unique 19-inch wheels and Pirelli performance tires provide superb grip and aggressive appearance.

British car manufacturer Aston Martin was puzzled to determine whether variants of their latest car will be launched to the market or not.

Aston Martin finally decided to leave it to their fans on Facebook to decide. The results are as many as 1 million people who had agreed Aston Martin edition produced custom modifications.
Aston Martin DB9 1M. (Picture from: http://www.gtspirit.com/)
Not only that Aston Martin also handed over the affairs of accessories that fit any Aston Martin DB9 1M, including interior and exterior options.

Nissan did the same when designing the 370 Z sports car special edition. Japanese manufacturers through the Facebook site asking 370 Z fans, the appropriate components to be installed on cars with V6 engine capacity of 3.7-liter that produces maximum power 332 hp.

There are millions of fans who suggested that the sports coupe with 6 speed manual transmission is equipped with a power adder device.
Nissan 370 Z. (Picture from: http://horsepowercalculators.net/)
Nissan accommodated by installing devices that produces big power and high-speed such as twin turbo-charged and exhaust systems are commonly used race car.

As the car for the world class rally championship or popularly called the World Rally Championship (WRC), in fact Ford Fiesta RS already has a sporty look.  However, so Ford is still not too fitted with exterior design, especially the perceived body look too monotonous.

Ford racing team invite facebook fans to help them choose the design of the roof.
Ford Fiesta RS. (Picture from: http://mycarblog.org/)
Ford provides a number of design and asking facebook fans to decide for them. The design that gets the largest selection of used Ford on the race event series for the first time in Finland 2011.

The concept and design of a small car called the Citroen C1 Connection was born out of facebook fans. After receiving 24,000 advice to car design that uses three-door Citroen finally make the this car as a practical hatchback and compact so it can be comfortable driving in a traffic jam.

For the convenience of passengers and the driver, the car is equipped with air conditioning, glass windows are set up with electricity, and LED daytime running lights. This corresponds in part to the polling request in through Facebook.
Citroen C1 Connection. (Picture from: http://www.inautonews.com/)
Particular engine installed in Citroen C1 Connection was 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine which is producing a total output of 67 horsepower (68 PS / 50 kW) and it has a peak torque of 93 Nm (69 lb-ft). And, quoted by Antara, this car will be sold at the end of 2012. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 27062012]
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