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Friday, June 15, 2012

Drinking Straws Initially From Grass Stems

Drinking through a straws no longer be something special today. There have been many people who do. Straws were then taken lightly. In fact, it has been going on behind the big process to find it. The discovery of this straw was a big influence for the advancement of the industrial world.

Marvin Chester Stone.
Who first made a drinking straw? The first person who makes a drinking straw is Marvin Stone, a maker of paper pipes for cigarette. In 1888, he patented a process for producing spiral round drinking straws made from paper.

Before paper straw made, the liquor store utilizing grass stems as a straw. Stone made several experiments to find the best paper that can be used as drinking straws.

After finding the paper material that is not seeped currently used for drinking. Stone then search for the ideal size of a drinking straw. Finally, he found the ideal length of 8.5 inches for straw. Diameter is made slightly larger to avoid congestion at the grapefruit into a straw.

Straw development product was patented in January 3, 1888. Factory began producing drinking straws in large numbers in 1890. In its development, the plant's Stone is making a straw drink more than pipe tobacco.

Stone made the first straw-making machine in 1906. He makes a company called Stone Straw Corporation. From this machine was made more varied forms of straw and raw materials are no longer fixated on waterproof paper.

The machine using principle of Stone spiral is apparently inspired many industries. From workings of the Stone machine was developed machine that making electric motors, textiles, batteries, industrial packaging, and so forth.

Joseph B. Friedman.
Straws had been developed in the 1930s, in 1938 Joseph B. Friedman from San Francisco developed a flexible straw, known as the flexy-straw. Initially he was sorry to see her daughter who was upset with a bent soda straw and blocks the flow of drinks.

From there he made a flexy-straw which can be bent without blocking the flow of drinks as we are seeing now. At the top of the straw there is a small folds which is bent in all directions.

Joseph B.Friedman also considered a straw creation Marvin Stone still has flaws, including cracks and less easy to clean. Joseph B.Friedman replace the straw with a plastic material that is clean and not easily damaged. Finally the straw has many models as we use now. *** [SEPTI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 07062012]
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