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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vitamin D, Not be Less or More

The researchers and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark revealed that vitamin D is needed in addition to the bertebihan may result in risk of death. Vitamin D is a vital element in the effort inherent calcium in our bones. 

With enough vitamin D, and we can avoid the possibility of brittle bones. Not only that, vitamin D is also very useful to fight heart disease, depression, and some types of cancer. 

However, it was too much vitamin D actually makes a person's risk of dying than those with higher vitamin D levels in normal blood. By examining the results of blood tests to 247.574 inhabitants Copenhagen, the researchers concluded that the high mortality in the group owner by blood vitamin D levels are too low and too high. 

Darshana Durup a PhD student whose involved in the study, says that when vitamin D levels of less than 10 nanomol (nmol) of vitamin per liter of serum, 2.31 times the death rate is higher than normal condition. Then when the levels of vitamin D in blood serum of more than 140 nanomol (nmol) of vitamin per liter of serum, the chance of death increases by 1.42 than normal conditions. Researchers suggest that vitamin D levels are lowest death rate was 50 nanomoles / liter of blood serum. Darshana argues that this research still requires further research, but basically do not get too much vitamin because it is not always done well.
"Our data material covers a wide age range. The people who participated had approached their own general practitioners for a variety of reasons and had had the vitamin D level in their bloodstream measured in that context. This means that while the study can show a possible association between mortality and a high level of vitamin D, we cannot as yet explain the higher risk," explains Darshana Durup.

The results have just been published in the reputed scientific Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. *** [SCIENCEDAILY | SRI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 07062012]
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