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Sunday, April 1, 2012

3-Cylinder Engine Become A World Trend

3-cylinder engine of MAZDA. (Picture from: PIKIRAN RAKYAT 30032012)
Efficiency is the keyword for today's world car manufacturers in designing the four-wheeled vehicles. One step taken is to cut the number of cylinders and the lower the engine capacity to produce good power, more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly.

If during the Japanese car manufacturers are developing a 3-cylinder engine technology, now the Korean car company, KIA, and BMW of Germany also participated in the competition graced the small car market segment. 3-cylinder engine was now a world trend that loved the car manufacturer.

In contrast to previous small-capacity engine, now the average small car already has the personnel qualified as fully equipped kitchen spur energy-enhancing devices, namely turbo. KIA innovative step was done by installing a turbo on a three-cylinder engine.

In the inaugural 3-cylinder diesel engine turbo 1.1liter creation has been introduced in the model KIA hatchback, KIA-Rio, in the European market in early March.
KIA-Rio. (Picture from: http://paultan.org/)
Dr. Joachim Hahn, the chief of the Division of Research Machines KIA, said one thing is for sure a new breakthrough in the growing field of automotive technology. The result is a motor vehicle products are in line with the mission to save on fuel consumption.

Especially in recent years, fuel prices soared in many countries of the world rapidly, so demand for fuel-efficient vehicles is increasing, one example is fuel prices in Singapore reach to U.S $. 1.7 / liter.

KIA is also done groundbreaking BMW with the goal to push the cars fuel consumption is too high. The plan Bavarian carmaker is going to pin a 3-cylinder engine in the BMW 3 Series next year.
BMW 3 Series. (Picture from: http://trendszine.com/)
Head of BMW Engine Development, Peter Nefischer says, BMW 3 Series to use 3-cylinder engine will be launched as soon as possible. This is because the strong desire to participate in the saving of fossil energy reserves are nearly depleted. Especially now, almost all automobile manufacturers in the world touting the fuel efficiency.

Just as KIA, BMW's three-cylinder engine performance will be as good as the power performance of four-cylinder. The reason BMW put turbocharged devices so that power three-cylinder engine can be raised even higher. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 30032012]
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