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Monday, April 2, 2012

"Times Roman" Invented by a Journalist

Times News Roman-sample. (Picture from: http://commons.wikimedia.org/)
Almost all computer users familiar with one of the most popular and the oldest font and become part of Microsoft Word, fonts used as the standard typing are the Times New Roman. With a distinctive shape makes it always synonymous with formal documents. Initially the font does not have a name.

Stanley Morison
(Picture from: http://tipografos.net/)

This Font just a typical letter that was designed by Stanley Morison, a British citizen. He gained knowledge of the technology of printing and typeface from publisher The Pelican Press.

While reading the book, the letters and letter design with carefully studied. While working at a publishing Cloister Press in Manchester, he studied design letters.

In 1931 he became a consultant letter to The Times newspaper published in London. The Times asked him to create a distinctive design and the different letters of the letters that have been widely used at that time.

In principle, this type of letter that reflects the strong lines, consistency, and economical for The Times. Stanley draft letter was put into use The Times on October 3, 1932 edition.

As quoted from fonts.com, Stanley is not alone in the process he helped his partner Victor Lardent. The letter was apparently popular with many readers, and then became very popular.

The Times then register the license to the Monotype Corporation in the United Kingdom. But also registered keperusahaan United Linotype license in America, as The Times medaftarkan many of its products to the Linotype license.

In 1945, Linotype, based in the U.S. registered trade name Times Roman separately and not part of The Times or Monotype. But then problems arise. In 1945, Linotype, based in the U.S. provide the registration number of the registered type letters with the name of Times Roman. The font is otherwise different from the fonts listed by The Times. Linotype and companies under license such as Adobe and Apple Macintosh using the name "Times Roman". While Monotype by the company under a license such as Microsoft, called the letter "Times New Roman". In 1980 Monotype font redesigned it Stanley made and claimed that the letter of the redesigned better than Times Roman released by Linotype.
Times Roman vs Times New Roman. (Picture from: http://commons.wikimedia.org/)
Stanley was then believed to be the person who first designed the typeface. Regardless of the dispute, to prove that Stanley Morison has succeeded in creating a good typeface with its own trademark, so this font is remembered and used by many today. Stanley Morison himself died in London, England on October 11, 1967. *** [GI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 29032012]
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