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Thursday, September 1, 2022

An Australian infamous gang boss shown off a gold-plated V-Rod Chopper

Gold-plated BIKE The existence of elegant classy vehicles are sometimes used by the owners as a status symbol of their wealth, even more so when it is also coated with gold. Usually, those who are often display such classy gold-plated vehicles usually come from wealthy businessmen, oil tycoons or those who hold the status of billionaires, but this one rather different.
Regular models of the collectors' special - which has now been discontinued - are currently on sale in Australia for up to $100,000. (Picture from: TipBlogg)
As quoted from DailyMail, recently there's an Australian's notorious Comanchero gang leader named Allan Meehan has shown what he said as his new ride on his personal Instagram pages. As seen from the ride's appearance, that's a flashy custom-built Harley Davidson V-Rod with a Comanchero paint job and an eye-catching gold-plated frame and engine.

All of a sudden, this made it goes viral in cyberspace, not only because of the beautiful gold sparkles on some parts of the motorcycle, it's also because the standard Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle was known as a discontinued rare collector's item, and in Australia, currently being offered for up to US $100 thousands.
Meehan took to Instagram to reveal the machine in a video story showcasing its custom club colours design, to the soundtrack of Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow. (Picture from: TipBlogg)
Meehan’s new bike is a classic that is in great demand among Harley-Davidson enthusiasts as many used now cost more than new. It was in production between 1999 and 2017 and features a 1,131cc or 1,247cc engine developed along with Porsche that produces between 115 and 125 hp. Its belt-driven fat rear tire is designed to accelerate riders to 100 kph in under four seconds before hitting a top speed of more than 200 kph.
Motorcycle experts say the gold finish and unique paint design make the stunning bike virtually priceless. (Picture from: TipBlogg)
The motorcycle designed to compete with the Japanese and American muscle bikes, it featured liquid cooling and dual overhead cams in a quirk of the design, the 'fuel tank' is actually the cover for the coolant fitting and air cleaner, with the gasoline actually being stored under the seating area. Motorcycle Cruiser rated it a winner, adding, "The V-Rod was meant to bring in more than the usual suspects, and it did."
The notorious gang leader unveiled the flashy custom-built Harley Davidson V-Rod with a Comanchero paint job - and an eye-catching gold frame and engine. (Picture from: TipBlogg)
This extraordinary motorcycle is embellished by an elegant black color combination with gold finish on the giant handlebars that transforms its original drag racer looks into classic chopper style with a pair of flashy gold wheels, glittering belt guard and gold engine casing. Even the kickstand, brakes, clutch, gear lever and footrest are gold-plated, though it's unclear if they're real gold-plated or golden chrome only.
The tank and seats are jet black with two parallel stripes in the club's signature yellow, embossed with 'Comanchero' and tattoo-styled demonic skulls, while the seats have the club badge. The motorcycle seemly registered in New South Wales according to the license plate attached to the fender, but the number is hidden by black tape. And according to some motorcycle experts, that unique gold finish and paint design further makes this stunning V-Rod custom bike almost priceless. 

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