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Monday, January 3, 2022

The Supermarine is Bandit9's latest underwater-inspired motorcycle

Mobula on the Wheels In the midst of intense business competition among business players in the automotive world, of course, more and different efforts are needed so that their products are seen, demanded and eventually purchased by customers. One thing that is often done by business people in this sector is to display automotive products in unusual and unique forms.
Here's the Supermarine is Bandit9's latest underwater-inspired custom motorcycle. (Picture from: BlackXperience)
There's a Vietnam-based custom motorcycle workshop named Bandit9 reveals to the world one of the most ambitious projects to date named Bandit9 Supermarine whose inspiration came from under the sea. Even its form is like a vehicle that came out of another galaxy.
The fairing of the Bandit9 Supermarine is made in such a way as to form the Mobula Ray (a type of stingray). (Picture from: Visordown)
Over the past decade, Bandit9 has been creating unique handmade motorcycles with futuristic designs. Even the results can not be compared with the custom iron horses on the market. It took one year to work on this model. Yes, they are not taking orders in 2020 and are only focused on working on this one big project. Here're several custom motorcycle made by Bandit9 that we've ever talked before.
The Bandit9 Supermarine's frame is inspired by coral reefs, which also serves to increase airflow in straights and downforce in corners. . (Picture from: RideApart)
Finally in October 2021 the custom workshop launched this unique shaped custom motorcycle. Many are fooled by the name. But it's not wrong if many associate it with the submarine thanks to its rounded shape. The custom workshop said that its unique custom-bike actually taken an inspiration from the marine creature called the Flying Mobula or the Mobula stingray. Sea creatures are known to like to penetrate the surface of the water when swimming, making it look like they are flying.
The coral-like frame is made of 7075 aluminum, which is commonly used in missiles and other military equipment, while the body is made of racing-specific ABS plastic. (Picture from: RideApart)
Designed to be a fast engine, allowing the Supermarine to cut through air with ease. The frame is coral-inspired, increasing airflow in straights and downforce in corners. There are 400 precision-cut components with the latest technology.
The Bandit9 Supermarine comes with Nitron suspension and Brembo brakes as standard, but also offers the possibility to pair it with Ohlins suspension and Berginer brakes. (Picture from: RideApart)
The shape of the body or body panels that are attached is very flowing, from front to back. It is offered in two material options, race-spec ABS plastic or use a carbon fiber body for the Supermarine. The overall frame is made of military grade 7075 aluminum, commonly used for the manufacture of aircraft structures.
Depending on the power the driver wants, Bandit9 Supermarine provides two choices of classic parallel twin engines from Triumph, namely 900cc and 1,200cc. (Picture from: BlackXperience)
Bandit9 also offers two options for its engine. Thsee options are use a Triumph Bonnevile's parallel two-cylinder 900cc and 1,200cc. Thus, the bike that comes with a 900cc engine is capable of producing 74 hp, 59 Nm of torque, and a top speed of 120 mph (193 kph). While a more powerful 1,200cc engine capable to spew power of 103 hp and 83 Nm of torque, making the Supermarine capable of reaching a top speed of 130 mph (209 kph). The motorcycle has a standard five-speed transmission. However, the rider can choose to upgrade to a six-speed gearbox.
The unique Bandit9 Supermarine has a standard five-speed transmission, but there is also the option of upgrading to a six-speed gearbox. (Picture from: BlackXperience)
Other features include electronic fuel injection, a stainless steel exhaust system that can be upgraded to titanium and Nitron or Ohlins suspension. The stopping power required at these speeds comes from the more powerful Brembo 4-piston brakes or the 6-piston Behringer brakes. A special LED display is tucked into the dash or instrument panel.
Bandit9 is currently open for orders for Supermarine, although potential customers should be contacted the workshop to determine the motorbike's built price. But based on previously workshop's custom-built bikes, so the Supermarine custom motorbike estimated initial price is over $30,000, and reportedly, its deliveries start in December 2021.

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