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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

A unique Harley-Davidson engined single-seater trike

Unique ONES Many motorized vehicles with unique shapes lately are certainly very inspiring to know more about them. And that's how we felt when we first saw these three-wheeled motorcycles which we've considered unique on Pinterest. The name of the three-wheeled motorcycle is the Merlin Roadster Alpha Car and is made by an American auto manufacturer called Corbin Motors.
The Merlin Roadster Alpha Car built by Corbin Motors is promised to be the coolest ever single passenger vehicle ever, unfortunately never took into the production lines with only 9 to 20 units ever been made. (Picture from: Corbin)
The Corbin Motors Company initially known as a motorcycle handy crafted saddle manufacturer that was founded by Mike Corbin and son, Tom Corbin in 1968. Over time, then the company was able to make motorcycle components up to develop and manufacture the unique motorized vehicles independently.
The Merlin Roadster was in testing and development for production at Corbin Motors in the time right before the company had financial difficulties in the 2003. (Picture from: Corbin)
Back around the turn of the millennium, Corbin Motors had developed several fine piece of three wheelers. At that time the manufacturer developed 2 kinds of three wheelers products, namely Corbin Sparrow and Merlin both in Roadster and Coupe style

These two non-running models were the design prototypes of the coupe version of the Merlin, and never been reach into the production lines due to the company had financial difficulties in the 2003. (Picture from: Corbin)
Where the Sparrow was designed as an electric-powered three-wheeled vehicle for fun and functionality, the Merlin Coupe and Roadster were designed for pure fun powered by a V-twin engine of Harley-Davidson.
The Merlin Roadster Alpha Car is a stylish and high performance front wheel drive trike design coupled with a single unique scissor door. (Picture from: Leosgarage)
As quoted from Wikipedia, the company experienced ups and downs in its business journey, after successfully producing around 300 units of Sparrow in the 2003 the company experienced financial difficulties and was declared bankrupt by the court. So the Sparrow EV production had stopped, then back on the production lines in the 2005 after an Ohio businessman named Dana Myers bought the company shares in 2004 and forming the Myers Motors.
The Merlin Roadster Alpha Car has a generous open rider compartment with tilt steering, dashboard and all weather seating. (Picture from: RonSusser)
Back to Merlin Roadster, this open top single seater roadster was co-designed by Mike Corbin with world renowned automotive designer Don Varner. This stunning three wheeler made of fiberglass body panels with a single unique scissor door covers a tubular steel frame wrapped around a generous open rider compartment with tilt steering, dashboard and all weather seating
An inside look at the Merlin Roadster's tubular frame and chassis, coupled with the HD motor to transmits the power to the front wheels through a four speed Volkswagon transaxle. (Picture from: Corbin)
The unique Merlin three wheeler powered by a Harley-Davidson V-twin engine at the front. Its power is delivered to the two front wheels through a four speed manual gearbox with reverse capability. The engine capable burst out power of 66 horsepower, so it could made the Merlin Roadster running up to the top speed of 120 mph. The Corbin Motors said to have made somewhere between 9 - 20 units of these before the project was discontinued in the 2003.
As you could be seen that the Merlin Roadster is a high performance motorcycle with a stylish front wheel drive trike design and would be gave a unique driving experience combining speed, power and precision with a motorcycle's freedom to you and today, its price reached of $40k.

Kept spur your adrenaline on the power of the two-wheeled monster and stay alive with true safety riding. May God will forgive Your sins and so does the cops..... *** [FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CORBIN | WIKIPEDIA | MYERSEV | 2040 MOTORS | RONSUSSER | SPARROWCAR | SPARROWEV | LEOSGARAGE | M37AUCTION ]
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