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Friday, December 25, 2020

The Piaggio Ape three-wheeler ever had made as a gift for MotoGP superstars

Piaggio Ape is a three-wheeled vehicle produced by the Piaggio Group. But its appearance is often mistaken for a Bajaj (a type of vehicle made by Indian companies that are widely circulating in Indonesia), and it was even rumored to be a special gift for Valentino Rossi. Then how did the story began?
Piaggio Ape Classic is a versatile commercial three-wheeled vehicle available in Van and Deck form. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3pjjOi1)
As news was widely heard at the beginning of 2020 (to be precise in April 2020), when the MotoGP superstar Valentino Rossi was confirmed to no longer be part of Monster Energy Yamaha in the 2021 racing season, and joined the Petronas Yamaha SRT team. Even so, the Aprilia MotoGP team paddock is still murmuring about the chance of Valentino Rossi's return to Aprilia
Valentino Rossi is officially joined the Petronas Yamaha SRT team for the 2021 racing season. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3aFRm5A)
Of course, you already know that Aprilia is one of the brands under the Piaggio Group. And before entering the world of MotoGP racing, it turned out that the racing maestro had been a part of the Aprilia team, where in his first two years while racing in the GP125 and GP250 classes, Valentino Rossi wore the Aprilia team racing uniform, and had won the world's champion titles in each classes in 1997 and 1999.

Along with that, Romano Albesiano, the technical manager of the Aprilia Gresini Racing team on the 2020 MotoGP, admitted that he would be honored if the famous racer Valentino Rossi would join his team. Not only that, Romano also had time to offer him an Ape Car with the Aprilia Gresini Racing team livery.
Romano Albesiano, the technical manager of the Aprilia Gresini Racing team on the 2020 MotoGP. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/37CwR82)
"We will be very honored and enthusiastic if he wants to race with us, but the possibility is very small," said Albesiano quoted from GPOne.com
Reportedly, Valentino Rossi was very fond of using a Piaggio Ape Car and the Aprilia's technical manager would give him a special one under the Aprilia Gresini Racing team livery if he willing to join the team next year. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3mJLdI6)
"Rossi was very fond of using a Piaggio Ape Car, we can make it a version of the Aprilia racing team," he added.

Back to the Piaggio Ape, actually the shape of the three-wheeled vehicle is well known world wide. The Piaggio Ape three-wheeled vehicle is made as a multipurpose vehicle that can be used as a vehicle for transporting passengers to goods.

As reported by Piaggiocommercialvehicles.com, the Piaggio Ape was produced from 1948 to 2016, and it was designed by Corradino D'Ascanio as a cheap and efficient conveyance. Piaggio deliberately designed commercial vehicles that were cheap, small and could transport large quantities of goods to rebuild post-war Italy
The Piaggio Ape Calessino is made for the passenger transport vehicle. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/38pp4tv)
In general, this three-wheeled vehicle made by Piaggio uses a 2-stroke engine which is similar to that of a Vespa scooter and can carry loads of 200-800 kg depending on the variant. And during its production period, this three-wheeled vehicle comes in three versions, namely the Ape 50 and Ape Classic for the pickup model, and the Ape Calessino for the passenger transport model

Especially for the Piaggio Ape 50 model because it carries a 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 50 cc with a fairly small size. While the Ape Classic carries a 4-stroke 435cc engine. Finally, the Ape Calessino comes with an engine variant with a capacity of 197cc and some even now use the electric motor.

Then, is Valentino Rossi willing to return to the Aprilia team? We will wait for futher news. For a while, maybe you are interested in seeing a similar three-wheeled vehicle made by Ducati or seeing the Ape Car racing and drifting below.
That's it, and if the article above is still considered inadequate or inaccurate, or if you have additional information related to the Piaggio Ape three-wheeled vehicles, please don't hesitate to let us know via the comments column below this article.

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